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Mike Mayock updated position rankings raise questions at running back

Where do you put Christian McCaffrey in this group based on potential second round value?

The bulk of NFL free agency is finished, and we are halfway through college Pro Days. The NFL Draft is five weeks away, and that means it is time for Mike Mayock’s latest 2017 NFL Draft position rankings.

The San Francisco 49ers need a complementary option at running back, but first round seems unlikely. It would not be an entirely shocking to see them spend a high pick on the position, but first rounds seems like a stretch unless they think one of the running backs is that much better than everybody else out there.

All that being said, Mayock’s updated running back rankings are interesting. He had Dalvin Cook ranked No. 1, but has dropped him to No. 3. Leonard Fournette is now on top, followed by Christian McCaffrey. Alvin Kamara and Samaje Perine round out the list.

I’m not surprised Fournette is No. 1, but it is interesting to see Cook dropped below McCaffrey. There has been debate over whether or not Cook might be worth picking over Fournette. NFL Network analyst Charley Casserly recently said he polled 20 teams, and 13 had Fournette over Cook. There is no word on where McCaffrey fit into this, but seven teams apparently told Casserly they like Cook over Fournette. That doesn’t mean they actually do given the BS that is spewed, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

What would be your pick of choice to complement Carlos Hyde? If McCaffrey is there near the end of the first round, do you try and move up for him? Or is the class deep enough that if he is not there at No. 34, you wait and see what else you can get?