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2017 NFL mock draft: Who is your 49ers pick at No. 2?

We will compile all the picks to see who the consensus is on the site.

The 2017 NFL Draft is five weeks away, and with the main part of free agency behind us, we have a general idea where most teams will be situated next month. Prospect injuries and other issues will impact some parts of the draft board, but we have a pretty solid base upon which to offer our speculation about what the 49ers might do.

Odds are pretty good most of us will end proven wrong on a lot of draft picks, but the No. 2 pick offers a fairly limited number of options. Sure, the 49ers can pick a lot of players, but if they do not trade down, we can probably narrow the list of likely picks pretty well.

With that in mind, I had a little project I wanted to put together. We’ll do some other kind of mock draft, but for this week, I would like to compile predictions for the No. 2 pick. Let’s assume they don’t trade down (we can do a separate poll on that later). If they don’t trade down, let us know in the comments who they will pick, and why you think that pick happens. Then, include three names you would have considered for the picks. Put the pick in the subject line, then the commentary and three other names in the body of the pick. I’ll post mine as the first comment to show you the format I’m thinking.

Fooch’s note: Assume Myles Garrett goes No. 1

If you want to discuss someone’s pick, reply to their comment (or reply to any subsequent comments), so we can keep things sort of organized. People can post their pick for the next couple days and I will compile the totals later this week.