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2017 NFL mock draft: 7 rounds of picks that nets DeShone Kizer in 2nd round

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A Giants fan put this one together over three days. What do you think of it?

We see mock drafts from a variety of media sources, and generally we focus on mocks from national media. They cover every team, and it is interesting to see what people say who either are in the know around the league, or keep a close eye on more draft prospects than the average bear.

However, sometimes it is interesting to see what fans of another team think. Over at our Giants blog, Big Blue View, one of their users took the time to put together a full seven-round 2017 NFL mock draft. The user, Invictus XI, simulated this similar to the actual draft. He completed it over three days, spending the first day on round one, the second day on rounds two and three, and the third day on the remaining four rounds.

After three days, his 49ers draft picks netted the following group of players:

1 (2). Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
2 (34). DeShone Kizer, QB, Notre Dame
3. (66). Tanoh Kpassagnon, DE, Villanova
4 (109). Kendell Beckwith, ILB, LSU
4 (143). Jeremy Sprinkle, TE, Ark
5 (146). Kenny Golladay, WR, N. Illinois
5 (161). Dede Westbrook, WR, Oklahoma
6 (198). Da'morea Stringfellow, WR, Ole Miss
6 (202). Vince Biegel, OLB, Wisconsin
7 (219). Darius Hamilton, DT, Rutgers

We have focused on players like Solomon Thomas and Malik Hooker, among others, but cornerback remains an intriguing possibility. The 49ers need somebody to handle the center-field role in their defense, but if they think Jimmie Ward can handle that role, adding Marshon Lattimore would make a lot of sense. There are some questions about his hamstrings, but other than that, he could be the kind of No. 1 cornerback the 49ers have lacked for some time.

That being said, cornerback is a particularly deep position this year. They could go another way, and still have a good chance of getting a valuable cornerback in the second round, and probably even in the third round. Not a Marshon Lattimore for sure, but a talented option.

DeShone Kizer in the second round is an intriguing proposition. John Lynch complimented his interview at the NFL Combine, and Mike Mayock ranks him as the top QB in this year’s draft. It will all come down to what Kyle Shanahan thinks of his prospects. Others will have plenty to say, but I have to think the QB decision will primarily fall on Shanahan’s shoulders.

As for the rest of the mock draft, I’m a little surprised at the lack of a running back, and I’m a little hesitant at the lack of a receiver before the fifth round. Maybe Shanahan and company will be able to spot a quality diamond in the rough at WR better than Trent Baalke, but it’s an iffy proposition.