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Golden Nuggets: Kaepernick only mentioned once in this edition

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With the flow of Free Agency news slowing to the trickle of honey, the time to begin looking forward to the draft is now. While a few more depth signings are not out of the question, it’s highly unlikely that any impact players remain unsigned. Enter the player selection meeting, where hundreds of talented youngsters will be recruited to the professional league, another step on the dream.

I’m sure we’re all tired of the Kaepernick drama, as I’m sure we’re all pleased that Shaun Draughn and Quinton Patton both found new jobs. However, the media has picked up the pace in publishing mock drafts, which seems to coincide well with the draft visit reporting & leaked reports of which teams like which players. With GM Lynch on hand personally at QB Trubisky’s pro day, and rumors swirling about about Stanford edge rusher Solomon Thomas as a possibility at the No. 2 pick, the intrigue grows by the day.

Considering the widespread needs the 49ers have, and the extremely high draft positioning, what do you make of new reports and rumors? Trubisky and Thomas just smoke screens? Or a real indication of intent?

To the nuggets!

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