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49ers to host linebacker Elijah Lee for pre-draft visit

The 49ers are allowed 30 pre-draft visits, and it appears this is one of them.

The San Francisco 49ers will meet with plenty of high profile prospects on their 30 official visits, but they will also be meeting with some lesser known players. None of the visits guarantees they will be drafting the player, but it provides some insight into what the team might be trying to do.

One lesser known name (well, for those of us who don’t follow college football closely) is Kansas State linebacker Elijah Lee. NFL Draft Diamonds reported earlier this week that he has a pre-draft visit with the 49ers. His agent, David Glynn, has since confirmed the news on Twitter. He has reportedly also visited with the Minnesota Vikings, worked out for the Detroit Lions, and has a workout with the Arizona Cardinals.

Lee is on the smaller side for a linebacker, measuring in at 6’3, 228 pounds. Of course, Malcolm Smith is listed at 6’0, 225 pounds. CBS Sports projects Lee as a fifth round pick, so the 49ers could look at him as someone to develop for the weak side role. offered up a scouting report on Lee, where they described him as a solid option on passing downs, but with some questions about his tackling efficiency.

Lee's playing style is more subtle than it is urgent and his upright playing style limits his tackling efficiency and suddenness in his change of direction. Lee has the speed to range all over the field and has the ball skills to warrant consideration on passing downs. If a linebacker coach can get him to play with better bend and get the play speed to match the timed speed, Lee could become an eventual starter in the league.

I don’t know if that opens the door for a move to safety at some point, but maybe it’s something the 49ers discuss with him. The 49ers recently worked out a tackle in a center role, and I imagine will do that with plenty of free agents that have size or skill question marks.

Here’s a quick Elijah Lee highlight video.