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John Lynch, 49ers meet with DeShone Kizer night before Pro Day

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The 49ers QB tour continues.

Notre Dame is holding their Pro Day on Thursday, and as expected, San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch is on hand. ESPN is reporting the 49ers met with quarterback DeShone Kizer Wednesday evening.

Last week, Lynch told KNBR he was going to be doing a QB tour with senior personnel executive Martin Mayhew, VP of player personnel Adam Peters, and QB coach Rich Scangarello. They were in Chapel Hill for Mitchell Trubisky’s Pro Day, and were expected to conduct a semi-private workout with DeShaun Watson.

Kyle Shanahan likely has the bulk of the say on the QB position when the draft arrives, but Lynch is certainly not going to be ignorant of the possibilities when draft day arrives. After that Wednesday meeting, Lynch was checking out Kizer’s workout.

Lynch and the 49ers met with Kizer and other quarterbacks at the 2017 NFL Combine. Lynch came away from the interview process impressed, but acknowledged that there was so much more to consider. Kyle Shanahan is not on hand for the workout, but odds are good the 49ers will put Kizer through a private workout over the next five weeks.

Like many quarterbacks, one of the big questions for Kizer will be how he translates to a pro style offense. It is a lengthy process, and I’m sure his private workouts will feature plenty of tests on this.