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Dekoda Watson contract leaves the 49ers with $74 million in cap space

The 49ers signed Watson to a three-year deal.

The San Francisco 49ers signed linebacker Dekoda Watson last Friday, and while they could still add some veterans, Watson might be the final notable addition of the free agency period.

Jason Hurley has some early contract details for Watson. He signed a three-year contract worth at least $4.5 million. The deal includes a $1 million signing bonus, and base salaries of $1 million, $1.05 million, and $1.45 million. We do not have word on any incentives or bonuses. Barring any additional information, his cap hits will be $1.33 million, $1.38 million, and $1.78 million.

The NFLPA public salary cap report has logged in the Watson’s contract, and they have the 49ers currently sitting on $74,576,752 in cap space. The Cleveland Browns are second with $53 million in space, and the Jacksonville Jaguars are third with $44 million in cap space.