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Greg Cosell scouting report on Patrick Mahomes: Strong arm, alarming lack of refinement

The draft features a lot of projects, but will they go with the big-armed project at QB?

The San Francisco 49ers went through their QB tour this week, featuring Mitchell Trubisky, DeShaun Watson, and DeShone Kizer. While these three have been most prominent mentioned as potential first round quarterbacks, Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes has worked his way into the discussion.

Mahomes has a huge arm that is always going to get scouts salivating. He put up huge numbers in college, but there are plenty of questions as to how he can translate to a pro style offense.

NFL Films Senior Producer Greg Cosell is evaluating this year’s prospects, and a week after providing his Mitch Trubisky scouting report, he’s back with his scouting report on Mahomes.

He agrees that Mahomes has a strong arm who can drive the ball well, but he has issues with his mechanics, both in terms of throwing, and in terms of work in the pocket. Cosell describes Mahomes as a frustrating player to evaluate because so much of what he did came outside of structure. He says, “Talent is there buried under an alarming lack of any refinement.”