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Golden Nuggets: The period between the combine and the draft

Your San Francisco 49ers links for Saturday, March 25th, 2016.

Good morning! Welcome to that point between the combine and the draft. The point where we get to hear about visits and not much else.

Apparently, Richard Sherman is sharing my possible scenarios with Colin Kaepernick. Give it time. after Romo finds a home, Kaepernick will at least be making headlines for workouts. Rex Grossman found himself a job out of Chicago in June (after ‘taking’ the Bears to a Super Bowl), so it’s not like Kaepernick is hitting record numbers by not having a new job yet. It’s still a bit interesting though that we haven’t heard a peep. San Francisco 49ers general manager John Lynch mentioned Kap had a deal somewhere, but we never heard even a sentence about it.

I still think Kap is being punished for his protest in 2016, but I doubt that this goes into July (when teams are desperate for a quarterback), if it does, either the league truly is blackballing him, or Kaepernick isn’t much of a player. Onto the links:

NFL may crack down on penalties designed to manipulate the clock (Michael David Smith)

Davis Webb: Team's are saying I'm a first-round quarterback (Biderman)

Would 49ers Use Top Pick on Another Defensive Lineman? (Williams)

Food for thought: 49ers take Notre Dame QB to dinner (Barrows)

Football family patriarch Clay Matthews Sr. dies at 88 (

49ers meet with Buccaneers restricted free agent pass rusher (Biderman)

What a horrible night to have a curse...