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Davis Webb: ‘Double-digit’ teams have told him he’s first-round talent

The Cal quarterback likes his long-term potential compared to other quarterbacks.

The University of California held its Pro Day on Friday, and that meant quarterback Davis Webb was on display. He has at times been viewed as a project quarterback given his work in Air Raid offenses, but draft momentum has picked up for him since claiming Senior Bowl MVP honors.

The Bay Area Pro Day meant 49ers local media were on hand to chat with Webb and others. Webb said that “double-digit” teams have told him he’s a first-round talent, according to Cam Inman. Webb also said that in his formal meetings with NFL teams, “they’ve said I’m probably the best quarterback on the board they’ve seen.”

Webb has been climbing media draft boards, but it is interesting to hear him get that kind of praise. I suppose it is not entirely shocking a team might butter him up a bit. We’ve heard stories in the past of teams telling prospects they like them and will consider them, and then going in a different direction entirely.

Of course, all it takes is one team liking a player to move him up the draft board in late April. I don’t think we see Webb going in the first round, but a team could very well get aggressive on day two to grab him. He has said the thing that separates him from other quarterbacks is that he has as good a long-term projection as any quarterback in this class. Of course, coming out of the Bear Raid offense, he’s a project that will require work. But that offers up some potential upside if the 49ers are looking more for a longer project than somebody they would draft at No. 2. But again, someone else might get aggressive and decide Webb is worth more than where the 49ers value him.