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Hue Jackson: Brock Osweiler is a Browns QB until he is not

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That’s one way to put it.

The Cleveland Browns unorthodox decision to trade for Houston Texans quarterback Brock Osweiler has been a wild ride. The team acquired a 2018 second round pick in order to help the Texans dump Osweiler’s salary. In the press release announcing the move, Osweiler was effectively an after thought. And in his latest comments, Hue Jackson did not exactly offer much in support of Osweiler.

The Browns head coach was interviewed for NFL Network’s Path to the Draft, and Steve Wyche asked him if Osweiler was going to be part of the Browns this year. Jackson kept things pretty simple, saying he is on the roster until he isn’t.

"He is. Obviously, he's a player on our team and we're going to treat him just like we do all of our other quarterbacks until he's not. He's a guy that's gonna come in and compete. We haven't had an opportunity to meet with him from a football standpoint because of the rules. But once we start our offseason program, phase one, we'll get a chance to know him and he'll get to know us."

Most everybody expects the Browns to dump Osweiler at some point, whether it be via trade or release. However, if they do not find someone to take him in a trade, would they be prepared to go into training camp with Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan, and a couple rookies?

Hue Jackson had a thing for Colin Kaepernick in the past, so it is possible they take a run at him between now and the end of July. My guess is that given the state of their QB depth chart, that seems unlikely if they don’t sign him before the start of the offseason workout program. For the time being, I think it is more likely they keep Brock Osweiler around than sign Colin Kaepernick. But maybe Hue Jackson and Sashi Brown surprise us.