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Chad Kelly (ACL) cleared for 35-45 play script at Ole Miss Pro Day

Will the big-armed QB get a shot in the draft, or will he have to wait for undrafted free agency?

The quarterback chatter leading up to the 2017 NFL Draft has focused on names like Mitchell Trubisky, DeShaun Watson, and Patrick Mahomes, among others. One name that has come up but mostly flown under the radar is Ole Miss quarterback Chad Kelly.

It’s been a rocky time for Kelly, with numerous off-field issues further complicated by an ACL tear suffered in early November. His off-field issues are going to play a bigger role than anything else, but on the ACL front, there is some news.

Kelly’s agent told NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport that the quarterback was cleared by Dr. James Andrews to take part in the Ole Miss Pro Day on April 3. Kelly will have a 35-45 play script for the day’s events. There is no word on what other activities he will partake in that day.

Kelly has a huge arm, but a gun-slinger mentality often gets him into trouble. He has a lot of physical tools, but very little consistency. He’s just as much of an on-field question mark as the rest of this year’s class, but there is also the ACL and off-field issues. Some analysts have said he has second round talent, but the other stuff is what will push him down the draft board. It only takes one team liking him, but odds are pretty good he’s waiting by the phone well into the third day. If team investigations leave a sufficient number of question marks, I don’t think it would be entirely shocking to see him go undrafted.