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Broncos appear to be moving on from Tony Romo for the time being

Tony Romo is not going anywhere for now, but plenty could change.

The Denver Broncos and Houston Texans are viewed as the most likely landing spots for Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, but it is a fluid situation. The latest comes from Broncos GM John Elway at the NFL owners’ meetings in Phoenix. He told the media the team is staying the course with Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch, and will focus on the draft.

It is worth noting that just before he said, “Like we’ve said,” Elway said, “Nope, same old thing. He’s still under contract for the Cowboys.” The comment suggests it is possible Romo could emerge as a candidate after the draft if nothing materializes. Additionally, a lot changes if and when Romo is released.

Fooch’s update: Elway told Broncos beat writer Mike Klis, “It is not our intention to go in that direction,” if Romo is released.

At the same time, one report suggests the Broncos want to try and figure out a younger, long-term option.

If this ends up being the case, and the Broncos don’t make a play for Romo, I really don’t know what happens next. The Houston Texans would be the only notable remaining option, otherwise we’re talking about Romo remaining on the Cowboys roster. It makes sense to have a strong backup option available, but would Romo really want to sit around as a backup? Dak Prescott could regress, but otherwise, injury provides the only opportunity for Romo to get back into the starting lineup. Plenty could change though over the next four weeks.