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ESPN NFL power rankings: Brian Hoyer seems like a pretty ideal bridge QB, all things considered

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The 49ers and Brian Hoyer are not getting a lot of love this offseason, but the team is in a good position for the short term.

The San Francisco 49ers were as active as anybody in free agency, and while they made some significant additions, they still have a lot of work in front of them. They still have to figure out their long-term solution at quarterback, and they only made a couple moves to address a woefully bad defense.

Back after the Super Bowl, ESPN released a set of way-too-early power rankings. They ranked the 49ers No. 31. Two months later, the 49ers remain No. 31. Here’s what ESPN had to say about the ranking:

The 49ers have overhauled their receiving corps with the additions of Pierre Garcon, Marquise Goodwin and Aldrick Robinson. But importing the quarterback duo of Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley, who went a combined 2-9 as Bears starters last season, probably won't help much.

I don’t know that adding helps “much,” but given his work in Kyle Shanahan’s system, and his limited success in 2014 and last season, it could end up being a step forward for the 49ers. Colin Kaepernick had a better season last year than some folks give him credit for, but Hoyer’s familiarity with Shanahan’s offense seems relevant.

In some ways, it makes Hoyer an ideal bridge quarterback as the 49ers figure out their long-term solution. He can help get the new offense moving in the right direction, and if the 49ers find someone in the draft, Hoyer could be a solid mentor. And if the 49ers end up going with Kirk Cousins next year, well, then they’re ripping off the band aid pretty quickly.