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Why the Dolphin’s owner voted against the Raiders move Las Vegas

Miami owner Stephen Ross set an example that he wishes others would follow

It’s official. The votes were cast and the Raiders’ move to Las Vegas was approved by an owners vote of 31 to 1. Who was the one dissenting vote? Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. He issued a statement shortly after it was revealed that he cast the one contradictory vote.

My position today was that we, as owners, and as a League, owe it to the fans to do everything we can to stay in the communities that have supported us until all options have been exhausted. I want to wish Mark Davis and the Raiders organization the best in Las Vegas.

Ross spent over $500 million dollars of private funds to renovate the Dolphin’s stadium which effectively will keep the team in Miami for several decades. Ultimately, he set an example that owners should use their own money and resources to update and improve stadium situations. Dolphins season ticket holders are also not subjected to seat licensing fees like many fans enjoying brand new stadiums. (i.e. Levi’s Stadium) Mark Davis’ pockets are not nearly as deep, making a similar effort to stay in Oakland impossible among other reasons.

Miami might also see a new stadium in Las Vegas as competition for hosting another Super Bowl. The Dolphins will host the Super Bowl in 2020 but teams are always looking to host more. Minnesota and Atlanta are on the docket before the championship game heads to Miami and then Los Angeles in 2021. Will Las Vegas host the event in 2022? I would guess that is quite likely.