DeShone Kizer Scouting Report

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DeShone Kizer is a mobile, gun-slinging quarterback out of the university of Notre Dame. Kizer stands tall at 6'4 and weighs in at 234 pounds. Kizer has been active and started two seasons for the Fighting Irish. In those two seasons, Kizer has completed 422 passes out of 695 attempts for 5,805 passing yards, throwing 47 touchdown passes, 19 interceptions, and finishing with a passer rating of 147.7.

Kizer has received a sizable amount of interest from 49ers' GM John Lynch, meeting for dinner the night before the Notre Dame Pro Day. GM John Lynch has already given his take on Kizer and described him as a "nice young man," and has "full potential." Kizer has been under some debates as to whether he should've stayed at Notre Dame for one for more season or not. If the 49ers are looking to select a QB, Kizer is projected to go 2nd round, if not then early 3rd, giving the 49ers good reach for Kizer.

Kizer Could Have a High-Ceiling Going in to the NFL:


Kizer takes the snap from the gun, drops back, gets feet nice and set, then fires to the right side of the end zone hitting his receiver for the touchdown connection.


Kizer and his offense are set back deep in their own territory, but that doesn't stop Kizer from taking a shot down field. Kizer takes the snap, play action to his running back, gets set but notices the pressure coming, then Kizer shifts left, launches it deep, but barely overthrows his intended receiver. No connection, but good awareness of the pressure coming and great ability to release before taking a hit.


Kizer gets troubled in the pocket, but keeps his eyes locked on his target. He keeps away from the incoming defenders to give himself space then throws across his body and successfully connects with his receiver for the touchdown.


Kizer is used as a read-option weapon shown here. Read option to his running back which fools the defense and once the read option is sold, Kizer finds a clear path around defenders, then is pretty much on his way to the end zone for a touchdown.


USC pass rush floods Kizer's backfield, but Kizer doesn't give up on the play by throwing it away or taking the sack. Kizer shifts around a defender then tucks it and makes a nice run upfield only to end by getting tackled pretty hard. Great escape from pressure, good awareness of the pressure coming, and excellent ball protection while getting tackled.


Kizer once agin finds himself space, gets positioned perfectly, then fires a dart down field in to his receiver's hands. Good accuracy shown on the play, as Kizer fires a ball directly over the DB in coverage to his receiver.


Kizer gets set up in position, scans downfield for the open man, then hits his open target who takes it for a touchdown.

Can DeShone Kizer Fit in the 49ers' New Offense?

Common question as far as Kizer stands, coming in to the NFL. Kyle Shanahan's new offense is very dynamic and usually requires a pocket passer. Shanahan has worked with RG3, but has seen most success with pocket passers which it seems he prefers. However, Kizer is a very mobile quarterback, that has shown pocket passing capabilities and can use his legs as a weapon just like the 49ers' very own former starting quarterback Colin Kaepernick. If Kizer is selected by the 49ers, he would need to most likely take his rookie year off unless a bad sustainment of injuries takes place in the QB depth chart. Kizer would need to step back, learn from his quarterbacks above him (Brian Hoyer and Matt Barkley) and most importantly be groomed by Kyle Shanahan to fit the standards of his offense, develop more progressive pocket passing abilities, and definitely learn the offense completely, before taking the role of starting quarterback.


Looks the part with the desired height and developed build. Above average arm strength with easy velocity to make every NFL throw. Comfortable downfield passer, delivering with proper touch and trajectory. Efficient set-up with an elevated, natural release. Loose athlete with functional movements within the pocket to shuffle, slide and easily shift his weight. Veteran pocket movements and poise, keeping his vision downfield. Not a twitchy mover, but nimble for his size with the mobility to beat defenders with his open-field quickness. Understands ball placement and not intimidated by tight windows, throwing passes through the keyhole. Highly intelligent both on and off the field with the horizontal and vertical vision to make whole field reads. Asked to digest a complex playbook at Notre Dame, including pre-snap checks, protections and reads. Feels the blitz well and often has an escape plan, whether running or throwing it away. Stands tall in the pocket with the durability to take punishment, whether in the pocket or when scrambling. Wired right for the NFL with the mature work habits and unselfish attitude that NFL coaches are seeking.


Internal clock lacks sophistication, holding the ball too long and appearing gun shy at times from the pocket. Too many late throws on his resume tape and would greatly benefit from speeding up his process a half second. Wide throwing base, stemming from his background as a baseball pitcher throwing off the mound. Bad habit of relying on pre-snap reads and staring down intended target, leading to poor decisions. Ball placement tends to waver, especially on the move when unable to rely on set-up mechanics. Consistency declined throughout the 2016 season and received questionable support from the head coach, causing his confidence to waver. Durable body type, but willingness to finish runs through contact leads to potential injuries. Ball security needs addressed with 13 career fumbles.

40 Yard Dash: 4.83
Vertical: 30 1/2
Shuttle: 4.53
Broad Jump: 8'9"

NFL Comparison: Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers

Cam Newton is 6'5 and weighs 245 pounds, has a muscular build, legs are a great weapon, can direct defenses through his ability of throwing on the run, and has shown impressive pocket passing capabilities. Kizer in a way can shadow Newton's game play. Kizer does share similar build, 6'4 234 pounds, does use legs to move the chains consistently, and sling passes once found the open target. Kizer has a few costly, bad habits like holding on to the ball too long and can be a bit too mobile at times in the pocket, but does have a high ceiling like Newton. Once groomed, developed experience as a starting QB, and has his offense second-nature, then Kizer has a huge possibility of flourishing to be an upcoming, proficient quarterback like Cam Newton has become. Although, Cam Newton is still not done reaching his full potential within the NFL as a starting QB.

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