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Time stamps for Matt Maiocco’s podcast with Jed York

The 49ers CEO was on Maiocco’s podcast, here’s how to to find what was discussed.

Matt Maiocco has another podcast up and the guest for this episode is none other than San Francisco 49ers CEO Jed York.

Given everything that’s happened in free agency and the coaching hires, it’s definitely a change of pace to hear from the 49ers’ owner. For those of you looking for some insight into the recent firings or a Jim Harbaugh drop, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

There’s still some good insight on the Raiders moving to Las Vegas and how Kyle Shanahan eventually got into the 49ers cross hairs in this search. You can listen to the entire audio here. Below are the time-stamps.

1:20 - Thoughts on the Raiders leaving for Las Vegas and the impact on the 49ers.
3:40 - Plans on expanding the 49ers into the East Bay.
4:30 - On the 49ers ‘owning’ California.
5:46 - What the relationship between the 49ers and the Raiders has been.
6:43 - On conversations with the Raiders on sharing Levi’s Stadium.
8:04 - Would the door be open for the Raiders to come for one season?
8:54 - Thoughts on Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch’s activity in free agency.
10:13 - On how John Lynch got involved in the GM search.
11:20 - On the 49ers prior disappointing free agency efforts.
12:13 - The difficulties of the last few years.
13:15 - The six year contracts.
14:20 - York’s thinking process in interviews and how Kyle Shanahan became a front runner.
16:25 - On John Lynch’s inexperience.
18:42 - The rest of his plans during the owner’s meetings.
19:27 - On Dwight Clark’s announcement