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What sleeper teams might draft a QB in the 2017 NFL Draft?

The Giants ownership discussed Eli Manning’s future. They are comfortable with him, but they have the future to think about.

The San Francisco 49ers are one of a handful of teams all but certain to draft at least one quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft. They’ll likely be joined by the Cleveland Browns, with the New York Jets and Chicago Bears possibilities as well.

We can go through a list of teams that have just enough question marks at the QB position that they would consider adding a prospect. The Arizona Cardinals and Kansas City Chiefs are two examples, with Carson Palmer nearing the end of his career, and Alex Smith reaching a certain ceiling.

But there will also be teams certain at the QB position that will add some talent. They might not invest in the a first round QB, but they could surprise us with how early they add someone. A notable example could be the New York Giants. Owner Steve Tisch told the media the team thinks Eli Manning can play for several more years, but he would not rule out adding a prospect sooner rather than later.

"No, you can't beat age. I think it's certainly at the back of everybody's mind -- including Eli's," Tisch said at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel, site of the NFL Owners Meetings. "There's no urgency. There's no panic. But I think if you're a responsible owner, responsible GM, you've got to start thinking about it."

You could look at the rest of the 2004 draft class to see some possibilities. Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has reportedly pondered retirement options. Philip Rivers is still playing strong, but like Manning and Roethlisberger, he’s no spring chicken.

If you go back even further, one has to think the New Orleans Saints will be considering their options behind Drew Brees. Right now, their depth chart includes Brees, Luke McCown, and Garrett Grayson. Maybe they invest high sooner rather than later. Will we see anybody else that might surprise us next month and draft a quarterback sooner rather than later?