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NFL Draft rumors: 49ers among 4 teams most interested in Christian McCaffrey

Draft prognosticators have Christian McCaffrey climbing the draft board. How high will he go?

The San Francisco 49ers need more offensive weapons, and one report suggests Stanford running back Christian McCaffrey is on their radar. Former NFL lineman and current Denver sports talk radio host Tyler Polumbus reported on Wednesday that the 49ers are one of four teams most interested in McCaffrey. He also mentioned the Eagles, Colts, and Broncos.

Considering Polumbus spent eight years in the NFL, he likely has some connections that he can rely on. I don’t know about his connections to the Eagles and Colts, but having played for the Broncos for three years, including during their Super Bowl run, that make sense. As for the 49ers? Well, he might know John Lynch, who worked in preseason broadcast work for the Broncos, and previously did some Combine work with John Elway. Polumbus also spent time in Washington during Kyle Shanahan’s run. It doesn’t mean that’s the connection, but it’s worth noting.

Shanahan was on hand for the Stanford Pro Day last week, where McCaffrey did work as a running back, wide receiver, and return man. After the workout, Shanahan spoke with local media. When asked about McCaffrey lining up at different positions, Shanahan had this to say:

Yeah, I think that's what makes him valuable. He can do a bit of everything. Special teams, all the skill positions on the offense—except for maybe quarterback. Maybe not tight end either. He’s good at all, he’s very versatile, but he’s good at running back which makes him special.

The 49ers have Carlos Hyde as their feature back, but McCaffrey is a dynamic weapon. They would line him up all over the field, creating a host of mismatches. They added Kyle Juszczyk to help create mismatches, and McCaffrey would only add to that.

At the same time, the rumor mill has McCaffrey steaming up draft boards, with some suggestions he could in the top 20. The Denver Broncos hold pick No. 20 of the first round. They have C.J. Anderson and Devontae Booker, but again, it’s about adding a weapon that can play in several roles. I don’t think any team would turn that down at the right spot.

If McCaffrey gets past the Broncos, will someone try and climb into the back end of the first round to grab him? There could be a lot of action depending on where McCaffrey is as the first round winds to a close.