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John Lynch, Kyle Shanahan keep the No. 2 pick close to the vest

The 49ers GM and head coach won’t be giving much away anytime soon.

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of options for consideration at No. 2, and we have seen a whole host of names mentioned. Mock drafts have ranged from Solomon Thomas and Jonathan Allen to Mitchell Trubisky and DeShone Kizer. The team might address their linebacker need, or they could surprise a lot of us and draft a running back. And of course, they could very well trade down.

Whatever the 49ers have planned, don’t expect general manager John Lynch or head coach Kyle Shanahan to give away too much information.

Lynch and Shanahan met with the media this week at the NFL owners’ meetings, and both were asked about how much the team has narrowed its focus for their first round pick. Both said they are still going through and figuring out which players they are most comfortable with. My guess is they have some names high on their list, but with official visits and workouts still happening, plenty could change. The 49ers might have another Kyle Shanahan media session in April during the offseason workout program, but I’m guessing his answers to questions like this won’t change much.

John Lynch

Do have the No. 2 pick narrowed down to 4 possible or 5 possible guys?

You know, I’d say we aren’t even close to that process yet. Obviously there have been discussions, would you be comfortable with this guy here, but by no means is it set in stone. I can tell you with full disclosure and transparency and honesty that that has not been decided. There’s certainly been scenarios that we’ve run through. You feel good about this guy here, so I don’t know if there’s an exact number but we have run through multiple scenarios but there’s so much at play. What is Cleveland going to do at number one? People think it’s clear but we don’t know that.

So how many people have you talked about being comfortable with at No. 2? Half dozen?

I think we’ve run that scenario through with more than a half dozen but the number we’ve arrived at, I’m not sure because those aren’t set in stone. We’ve kind of stacked our board, now we’re going to go back in, post combine we restacked and now we’re going to take one more shot at really clarifying things and solidifying those thoughts.

Kyle Shanahan

Have you narrowed your focus at all on your candidates for the No. 2 pick?

You need to have an idea of the perspective of the whole league. You know, the guys that are going to be in that type of area and those guys are the guys you have to evaluate first. You start to get a feel for the whole draft and I still am right now. It’s not something that can happen quickly, you want to know the guys who are going to be available in each round and you need to know the guys who you think are going to be middle round guys and end of the round and what guys are going to be the top 10 picks. So there’s a fine line to finding that value of where they’re going to go, but also not trying to overthink yourself and make sure you get the players that you want. If you know you love a player, and you know the whole league is looking at him as a third round pick, it would be a lot smarter to take him at the end of the second round instead of the first round. But it only takes one team to love a guy and that’s why there are a lot of smokescreens out there and there’s a lot of stuff into it so you gotta make sure you don’t get too cute with it, but you want to get the best value also.