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Golden Nuggets: Time to dream

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday, March 3, 2017

It is that time of year again to dream. Perhaps you would like to have Cousins or Jeffery? Perhaps you would like to have Poe? Maybe you want to pick up Garrett or Foster in the draft or maybe you want a wide receiver? Maybe you are dreaming about Hooker raising your entire defensive backfield to a whole new level? Maybe you are hoping we will draft Kizer? It is alright to dream and it is alright if someone else does not have the same dream as you. Everyone should be entitled to their own dreams.

Next week free agency and the new trade period begins. Lynch has said he plans to be active. Maybe some of those dreams will even come true for a change?

I personally thought the article below about Cousins meeting with Washington to negotiate his contract was going to be the end of my dreams of trading for Cousins until I read that Washington was only offering Cousins twenty million dollars per year with twenty four million guaranteed. He has twenty four million guaranteed with the franchise tag, what incentive would he have to take such an offer? It looks to me like Washington is going to lose Cousins next year.

Maybe they are not the ones with the leverage? Maybe we are the one with the leverage. Cousins wants to come here and Washington has lost any kind of leverage with him. Maybe Washington’s only chance at a decent quarterback next season is to draft one this year? Maybe instead of Washington trading us Cousins, we are trading our first pick and the chance for Washington to have a quarterback in the future? Maybe that is worth more than a quarterback with a one year lease?

Anyway, onto the sizzling hot links.

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