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2017 NFL Combine results: Pass rush options measuring in

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Myles Garrett is rock solid, while a couple options might be a little lighter than teams would like.

The 2017 NFL Combine moved on to the third day of real activity, with defensive linemen and linebackers measuring in. Offensive linemen and running backs will run the 40 on Friday, along with other drills and positional workouts, while quarterbacks and wide receivers will do interviews and the bench press.

Some early pass rusher measurements are in, and while there are no huge surprises, there are some numbers to watch. Derek Barnett (259 lbs) and Tim Williams (244 pounds) were on the lighter side. Here are some other measurements

Barnett is right around his listed college weight, while Williams came in a bit under. Both could find themselves needing to put on some weight depending on where they end up. If they were coming to the 49ers old 3-4, Barnett would be close to fine for what the 49ers have looked in terms of weight. But in a potential Leo role, the 49ers might look for a little bit more weight.

Garrett measured in about as rock solid as one would expect. With 35 14 inch arms and 10 1/4 inch hands, it’s safe to say he checked off the measurement boxes. Now we just need to hope the Browns will actually consider Mitch Trubisky at No. 1!