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49ers to meet with Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes, Deshaun Watson Friday evening

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The quarterback meetings are adding up.

The San Francisco 49ers and every other NFL team are allowed to meet with up to 60 players at the NFL Comine, and it is no surprise quarterbacks are in the mix. The team met with Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer earlier this week, and now has meetings planned Friday evening with two more prospects. Matt Barrows tweeted that the team will meet with North Carolina QB Mitch Trubisky, and Matt Miller tweeted that the team will meet with Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes.

Fooch’s update: They will also meet with DeShaun Watson Friday evening, per Matt Miller.

Considering teams meet with 60 players, and will host up to 30 for private workouts, we can’t exactly make clear predictions on what a meeting might mean. We have heard of players getting drafted after extensive interactions with the team, and we have heard players getting drafted without having had a single word of contact.

Kyle Shanahan will likely be in the meeting and get a chance to do some board work with Trubisky and Mahomes. The team will likely get more out of a private visit than the Combine meeting, but this first one gives the two sides a chance to establish a rapport. We don’t know what the 49ers think of the QB prospect, but considering they are at No. 2 overall, we know that if they like Trubisky there is an excellent chance they will be able to select him. As for Mahomes? His momentum seems to be increasing, which could have him off the board later in the first round, before the 49ers are back up on day two.