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49ers met with Dalvin Cook, other running backs

The 49ers have had some kind of interaction with at least six running backs at the Combine.

The San Francisco 49ers are busy meeting with a variety of players, and we can add some running backs to the list. Florida State running back Dalvin Cook confirmed on Thursday that the 49ers were one of six teams he has met with. Other running backs that confirmed meeting with the team are Kareem Hunt (Toledo) and Alvin Kamara (Tennessee).

Kamara said the 49ers gave him the best compliment on his overall game when they broke down some of his film against Texas A&M.

Just my overall game. I walked into a meeting and they turned on film and just starting talking about football, reviewing that Texas A&M game and reviewing other great plays from the season. That was really gratifying getting some feedback on my game. That was the 49ers.

The 49ers assistant coaches are on hand for the Combine, and running backs coach Bobby Turner has gotten some face time with the running back prospects.

The 49ers can hold formal meetings with 60 prospects during the Combine. Some of their coaches and scouts will likely get a chance to meet some players in passing as well during drills. Later this month, schools will hold Pro Day workouts where NFL teams will be on hand. That will be followed by each team hosting as many as 30 private workouts in their respective cities. We’ll hear plenty more about running backs and other positions in these meetings.