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49ers, Washington, Cowboys might talk Kirk Cousins, Tony Romo deal

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This would certainly be the talk of the town!

The San Francisco 49ers are looking for a quarterback, the Dallas Cowboys are looking to unload Tony Romo, and Washington is looking to figure out something with Kirk Cousins. Ian Rapoport is now hearing the three teams could very well get together to try and figure out a solution.

Rapoport said there is a chance the three teams could work together on a deal that sends Romo to Washington, Cousins to the 49ers, and draft picks to Washington.

On the one hand, it would solve a problem for each team. In some ways, depending on the picks being traded, it could be viewed as win-win-win. I would normally say there is zero chance the Cowboys would deal Romo to one of their arch-rivals. However, if Dallas cannot get a deal done with a team like Houston or Denver, they would have to release him.

There is no way Romo is on the Cowboys when Week 1 of the 2017 season arrives, and if they have to release him, he could end up in Washington anyway. At least if they deal him to Washington, they can get some return on him. But it would certainly be interesting to see him dealt within the division.

I am not holding my breath that this kind of deal happens, but it certainly shows teams potentially willing to get a little creative with making this whole thing work. The draft picks though would be key. If I am Washington, I am wanting more than just Romo out of this deal. I think Romo is a better quarterback than Cousins, but he is nearing the end of his career, and has been unable to stay consistently healthy.

We could see a first round swap mixed in, but how it all shakes out is not entirely clear. One previous suggestion was for the 49ers and Washington to swap first round picks and then the 49ers potentially give up their second. I’m not sure how Dallas would in turn fit in with the picks.