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2017 NFL mock draft: Live updates for NN community draft, round 1

The NN mock draft is back, and this year we’re hoping to go seven rounds.

Welcome to the Niners Nation 2017 NFL mock draft. We’ve brought together 32 site members to potentially go through a full seven rounds of the 2017 NFL Draft. I say “potentially” because 253 picks is a lot to get through, even with a month remaining until the draft. But, fingers crossed we power through this.

We are doing the draft via email, and then picks will be posted on the site. Since we’re going a full seven rounds, I thought we’d have a live update post for each round. This post will have all the first round picks, the next will have all the second round picks and so forth. Additionally, rather than dumping in all the picks at once, I’m going to update one pick at a time. Since the 49ers are picking second, I’ve included both them and the Browns in this first update.

My goal is to post approximately 10 picks per day. That would get us to about April 24, give or take, if we can get through the entire draft. In the threads for subsequent rounds, I’ll include a table with the previous rounds’ picks.

Away we go!

1. Cleveland Browns - Myles Garrett, OLB/DE, Texas A&M (Davidss)

Any other pick would be getting cute. Elite edge players are valued second only to franchise QB's in the eyes of the NFL and there are no franchise level QB's in this draft. Garrett and Emmanuel Ogbah together on the Browns defensive line is a fantastic foundation to build around defensively.

Other players considered: None

2. San Francisco 49ers - Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State (Joe Montana is GOAT)

With our new defense it was vital to find someone to play that Earl Thomas role , Malik Hooker is that guy . With him you have someone who will clean up everything thrown his way(example of Hooker range) , he has outstanding range and our defense would be upgraded immediately with him in there . Like someone said , don't think too much just pick him.


Leonard Fournette: Just don't see him working out in this scheme Shanahan has, poor lateral movement and below average in the pass game. Along with those chronically injured ankles made me skip him.

Reuben Foster: Again scheme fit, from what I've heard he will be a MIKE LB , we only need one and we have one, Bowman. Unless you plan to get rid of him you don't pick Foster, also as a LB, he isn’t that great of a prospect and certainly not as good as Kuechly or Willis coming out who went lower than him.

Solomon Thomas: Tough one, I like him a lot but I just don't see him fitting in or I should rather say from what we've seen of him in College, that LEO role would be new to him and with our No. 2 pick we should not be fiddling around with him.

O.J. Howard/Mike Williams/Corey Davis: We need playmakers on offense but I just couldn't pick either of them, can't explain why, just had that gut feeling Hooker was the one.

QBs: Just a terrible bunch to have to pick from ...

3. Chicago Bears - Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford (Rowingdave)

The Bears have needs at every position outside of RB, but I went with who I view as the best player in the draft in Solomon Thomas. He has utility up and down the line, has a motor to match his athleticism, and an uncanny knack to create disruption from the inside. He's just scratching the surface, and whether you want to call him Aaron Donald, Michael Bennett or Justin Smith, the Bears will run this pick to the podium.

Other players considered at 3: Jamal Adams, SS, LSU, Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

4. Jacksonville Jaguars - Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama (riqv)

The 3 top candidates for me were Allen, Lattimore, and Fournette.

Lattimore: The Jags drafted Ramsey last year, signed Bouye this offseason, yet they're still lacking depth in the secondary. I feel like this will be a defense heavy draft for the Jags and secondary can be addressed later in the draft. Especially if it's for depth.

Fournette: The running game for Jax has been extremely underwhelming, and it's not helping take pressure off of Bortles (but yet neither is the defensive but I believe that's due to discipline). Ivory showed some promise towards the end of the year. Enough promise to sign a pretty significant extension. I believe if they scheme well enough it will be worth not spending a first round pick on a RB.

Allen: It seems like Jax has been spending heavy on defense during free agency the last couple years. They've tried improving the defensive line and signed Campbell this offseason. Campbell won't be long term, but he'd be an ideal mentor for Allen who has an incredible amount of upside. I think Allen is the second best player in the draft and will help Jax a ton on defense.

5. Tennessee Titans - Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan (GSheen)

While Lattimore is probably the name in Titans fans’ lips, selecting Corey Davis would give the offense a whole different dimension. His premiere route-running, natural ball skills, top-notch release, rare explosiveness, and quality run-blocking makes him a potential all-Pro receiver. At fifth, he may look like a reach. But, in this no-trade scenario, I’m not sold he would last to No. 18.

Other players in play at No. 5:

Marshon Lattimore – Deep cornerback class, his small sample size of plays, and Logan Ryan signing make it easier to pass up on him.

Reuben Foster

Derek Barnett

6. New York Jets - Jamal Adams, S, LSU (Rhardin49)

Maccagnan and Bowles make the selection in true team building form. Adams will make an immediate difference on the field and in the locker room for this franchise in desperate shape to rebuild.

He is an interchangeable safety with a sheriff's mentality. Adams is a physical tone-setter who should thrive near the line of scrimmage or in a robber role. Should be a commanding presence in the locker room early on and his do-as-I-do play demeanor could be the catalyst for turning a struggling - but potentially potent defense around quickly for Bowles.

Also Considered

Marshon Lattimore - concerned with injury history and short playing track record
OJ Howard - enticing skills but TE's are also available later with deep group
Mitchell Trubisky - a reach at this point for another QB when the Jets already have McCown, Petty, Hackenberg, and need to let their young investment quarteracks have a go at making it work

7. Los Angeles Chargers - Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State (Blackout52)

San Diego has two very good corners in Jason Verrett and Casey Hayward, but one plays mostly in the slot and the other is often injured. Lattimore gives them a completed cornerback corps that can maybe hide their safeties. Overall, this team just need talent though, and Lattimore is the most talented left on the board.

Other players considered: OT Cam Robinson, S Budda Baker, RB Leonard Fournette

8. Carolina Panthers - Garrett Bolles, OT, Utah (BryKno)

The Panthers have had issues at offensive tackle stretching back to when Jordan Gross retired after the 2013 season. Michael Oher is still in the concussion protocol, as he has been since the end of September. The Panthers lost Mike Remmers to free agency and signed Matt Kalil, who is only an answer if the question is "how can I burn a lot of money very quickly".

While Bolles is old for a draft prospect (25!), he's charging up draft boards. He has elite athletic ability and foot quickness, and potential to grow more. I'd be more concerned with his age if he played, say, cornerback, but it's something I'm willing to overlook for a player being described more and more as the premiere left tackle in the draft. He could be a Pro Bowl player for a decade, though he's higher risk than, say, Ryan Ramcyzk or Cam Robinson. The risk is worth the potential reward, especially in Carolina's system.

Other players considered:

RB Leonard Fournette (There are rumors the Panthers are looking to trade up to get him, so of course I considered him)

WR Mike Williams (With Ted Ginn gone and Devin Funchess not living up to his draft position, the Panthers could use another aerial weapon)

OT Ryan Ramcyzk (Concerned about his hip, but otherwise, a great player)

9. Cincinnati Bengals - Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan (Typecast)

The Bengals have a prototype for their defensive ends. They must have a massive frame, long arms, strength, and the ability to dip their hips or anchor vs double teams. Taco Charlton checks all those boxes. Some may believe this is a reach, but without trades, I don't think any player that fits their DE profile would be available at 41. GM Mike Brown has been known to take players on upside rather than production. Charlton can step in day 1, play RDE, and slide into DT on 3rd down.

Other players considered:

LB Reuben Foster - The Bengals primarily play 4-2-5 as their base and have a number of linebackers they really like (Burfict, Minter, Vigil)

RB Leonard Fournette - The style of offense the Bengals play isn't friendly to the type of runner Fournette is and what he needs from his OL. See Jeremy Hill.

TE OJ Howard - 80 percent of formations are in 11 personnel.

10. Buffalo Bills - O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama (O Liner)

Whaley knows they need a big player for their passing offense and Howard is a unique weapon and steal at 10. Charles Clay also hasn't worked out at all. Howard is a nice compliment to Watkins and make that offense an exciting prospect.

Others considered:

  • Mike Williams for same reasons.
  • Mitchell Trubisky because they need to draft a QB eventually

11. New Orleans Saints - Derek Barnett, Edge, Tennessee (Fred Mercury)

New Orleans' defensive DVOA last year was almost as bad as the Niners' and they had fewer sacks (30). The only way they get can hope to sniff another Super Bowl in Brees' twilight years is to seriously upgrade their defense. Barnett gives them a much needed pass rusher to pair with Cam Jordan. Also considered: Haason Reddick (LB), Reuben Foster (LB).

12. Cleveland Browns - Mike Williams, WR, Clemson (Davidss)

While QB and defensive back are bigger needs; the Browns are not in position to worry about needs in their rebuilding state. They need to add top tier talent that compliments their existing young talent. Williams gives them the big bodied outside WR that excels in contested catch situations. He pairs perfectly with deep threat Cory Coleman. Signing Kenny Britt to a decent sized contract does not preclude you from taking a talent like Williams.

After the first two picks the Browns now have a fantastic young core covering consolidated in the offensive line, wide receiver, and linebacker positions.

Others considered: Jabrill Peppers, Malik McDowell, David Njoku

13. Arizona Cardinals - DeShaun Watson, QB, Clemson (HarbaughalypseNow)

Explanation: He's the best player available on my board, although with the QB position you do need to factor in need a bit more than other positions. Luckily, Arizona is an ideal landing spot. Carson Palmer is in his twilight years, and Watson will have the chance to sit and learn on a competitive Cardinals team. Depending on who you ask, Watson could be called to action sooner rather than later. With a good team around him and all the confidence in the world, I don't see the moment being too big for him, even in 2017.

His 2016 struggles have been slightly overstated in the pre-draft echo chamber, in my view. Yes, spotty accuracy is a concern, but I trust the Arizona coaching staff (and veteran leaders) to get the most out of Watson's substantial ceiling. Our own Steve Young recently emphasized the importance of grit, toughness, and passion when it comes to making the leap to the NFL. Watson has those in spades, along with incredible athletic gifts. The Cardinals grab him here and stay competitive in the post-Palmer era.

14. Philadelphia Eagles - Reuben Foster, LB, Alabama (ejdrummond)

Explanation: It’s no secret that the eagles need a CB, possibly two. The reality, however, is that the single worst player on the eagle’s defense unit in 2016 was weak side OLB Mychal Kendrick’s. Foster would be an instant and substantial upgrade both in the run game and pass game, and at pick 14 he is the BPA. In Jim Swartz attacking 4-3 scheme, which utilizes the Wide -9 alignment at a high clip, you need linebackers who are just simply put are willing to smash something, and Foster is exactly that. In their nickel alignment, Foster would pair with Hicks removing Bradham who proved to be a serious liability in coverage. The pair of Foster and Hicks would rival any LB tandem in the NFL.

15. Indianapolis Colts - Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU (MichaelBR07)

No clue how he lasted here but he is a blue chip player that will change the narrative and identity of the colts. Instead of that team being Luck, it's now Fournette and his QB.

16. Baltimore Ravens - Forrest Lamp, OG, Western Kentucky (RinaldoPurrisimo)

They will take him to play guard but he can also play Tackle. I was prepared to take Mike Williams it's a substantial need but at this pick it doesn't make sense to reach for a guy. I also kicked around Dalvin Cook here as well. I settled on Lamp, they need to replace their loses of Osemele and Zuttah on the line, Yanda is the best Offensive lineman in football with Stanley on the other side. When the Ravens are good they have a great Defense and offensive line. I think Lamp could play on the tackles and is the best offensive lineman in the draft. The Ravens are also always drafting lineman in the first round.

17. Washington Zach Cunningham, ILB, Vanderbilt (AzSharksFan)

Washington needs to fill a lot of holes on the defense and ILB is arguably their biggest need. With Cunningham I think they get one of the top talents still available to start from day 1. Watching his tape he is quick, athletic, and has great instincts, and by all accounts is a leader on the field. He has produced on the field for his two years, leading the SEC in tackles this year. Talent evaluators say he lacks ideal weight and needs to work on his tackling technique but those are issues that can be worked on.

Other players I considered:

Haason Reddick: With Foster off the board Reddick came in a close to Cunningham in my opinion. I favor Cunningham as he has the production and doesn’t have to come to the NFL learning a new position.

Christian McCaffrey: Dynamic playmaker. Possibly BPA at this point

Dalvin Cook: Could end up being the best RB of the class. Or not. He would have been a luxury, though.

18. Tennessee Titans - Tre’Davious White, CB, LSU (GSheen)

Not the sexiest pick, but can hardly go wrong with this polished corner. At worst, the team gets one hell of nickel corner. He may not have the explosive athleticism of Lattimore, but he makes up for it with his elite technique and high football acumen. His rare versatility brings value on all four downs. The fact that he wears number 18 at LSU proves that he is more than just a great football prospect. He seems a better fit at corner in Dick LeBeau’s defense than the rest.

Others in play at No. 18:

Haason Reddick: With Orakpo turning 31 this year, he would provide depth and security at the linebacker position. However, don't think they are giving up on Kevin Dodd just yet.

Marlon Humphrey: Talented corner with huge potential, but would take longer to fit in Dick LeBeau’s defense.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama (BayAreaBOI)

Brent Grimes is turning 34. So an upgrade at corner would help take some pressure off of Vernon Hargreaves. It doesn't look like any one else on the roster would compete for the starting job. Someone like Marlon Humphrey will give the Buccaneers possibly another starting corner. Humphrey has good height, speed, and length.What I like best about Humphrey he plays a physical game. Not like most corners that aren't very good at tackling. Not afraid to help in the run game. Humphrey has a lot to learn but with a veteran like Grimes and second year player like Hargreaves.

They can help Humphrey get accustom to the NFL. With the Saints, Falcons, and Panthers in the division having a good secondary will help with the Julio Jones, Muhammad Sanu, Taylor Gabriel, Michael Thomas, Willie Snead, Kelvin Benjamin, and Greg Olsen. With this move they could see if Brent Grimes regresses any and if he does maybe Humphrey could possibly step in.

If Grimes has one more good year then Humphrey can help out but won’t have to leaned on as much. If Humphrey turns in a good training camp maybe he pushes Grimes to nickel back or Humphrey will earn starting nickel back.

Anyway this pick is for the future of the secondary in a division with dominant receivers. Other players that I considered with this selection were RB Dalvin Cook and OL Ryan Ramczyk. Cook would help in a running game that wasn't very good last year and can also catch out of the backfield. Ramczyk would help an OL that doesn't have very good offensive tackles.

20. Denver Broncos - David Njoku, TE, Miami (FL) (Jonas Lima)

Denver desperately need a Left Tackle but there is no Tackle worthing taking at 20. Another huge need is playmaker on offense and Njoku fits that bill. Njoku is a freakishly athlete that only will get better with NFL coaching. He can create mismatches in the middle, you can line him up as a slot receiver and i believe he can make an impact on day 1.

Other players considered:

OT Cam Robinson: I would certainly draft Robinson here if wasn't for his off field issues. Until i know more i wouldn't spend a 1st round pick on him.

OT Ryan Ramczyk: I think he’s a more developmental OT than a start LT, i can't draft someone in the 1st round to a crucial position without knowing that he can play against top competition.

21. Detroit Lions - Jabrill Peppers, S, Michigan (GreatOden’sRaven)

I thought long and hard about whether to take an EDGE rusher, which the Lions desperately need or pick a SS which they need but to a lesser extent. In the Lions defense, having a safely play up in the box, tackle runners and play coverage on a TE is a must. While I really really pondered Reddick or McKinley in the end the versatility of Peppers as a SS paying on the line helps Detroit. They still need to shore up their pass rush (this draft is heavy with them) and they need to focus on loading the middle of the defense.

The run on EDGE rushers so early in this draft really forced my hand. I thought there was a decent chance that either Barnett, Charlton, Foster or Cunningham would be available, all of whom I like a great deal more than Reddick would be available. Since none of them were, I chose the player I think will most benefit the Lions for the value they get.

In consideration: Dalvin Cook, Hassan Reddick, Takkarist McKinley

22. Miami Dolphins - Haason Reddick, LB, Temple (Camp Frogger)

Hanson Reddick is an elite athlete which can be used all over the field; he is a true 3-down LB as he is expected to move off the edge which he primarily played in college.

He also shows aggressive tendencies in his play which is a trait new DC Matt Burke has said that he wants to see more of in his defense.

With Reddick and Kilo Alonso patrolling the field the Phins should improve on a historically bad year for the franchise on defense in 2016.

Others Considered: Malik McDowell, TJ Watt, Caleb Brantley

23. New York Giants - Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State (86derps)

Who was the last 1000 yard running back for the Giants?

In 2012 Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 1015 yards. The Giants need another 1000 yard back. Paul Perkins played well late last year, but not sure he will be the future. Shane Vereen is a nice third down back, but a quality back is needed. With Dalvin Cook on the board this late in the first round worked out really well and he was the best player available.

Cook rushed for 1765 yards last year for Florida State and also caught 33 passes for 488 yards as well. With an improved offensive line I don’t see any reason why Cook couldn’t rush for 1000 yards this year.

If Cook had not been available other options would have been OT Ryan Ramczyk, RB Christian McCaffrey and DT Malik McDowell.

24. Oakland Raiders - Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford (TryAndCatchVD)

Derek Carr completed 91 passes to RBs in 2016, over a third of which left the building and signed with the Vikings. This pick represents something of a risk, adding McCaffrey to a backfield that features two redundant talents. While this pick would likely require an upgrade in the enforcer back department via FA or later in the draft, the upshot is that you might end up with a guy who represents a realistic threat each time he's on the field, even if it means not playing all 3 downs. If I'm the Las Vegas Raiders of Oakland, I take the gamble to see if this RB can improve both phases of the offense, perhaps solidifying a truly elite unit.

Furthermore, McCaffrey's crisp route running might find him some additional work as a 3rd or 4th receiver on downs in which a short-yardage back is behind Carr.

25. Houston Texans - Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina (TopFlightSecurity)

Well this pick almost made its self they have next to nothing at QB the options they have now are trash with Savage and Weeden. Not much at all to work with even if they make the deal for Romo they will need the future and this kid could be it. From what I have seen and heard time sitting will do this kid good even tho the current coaching staff may not have a long leash. And even if he is forced into battle a strong D and decent running game can mask his flaws early on and with the division being as weak as it can get he could surprise sooner than later.

Other possible options:

Cam Robinson OT, Alabama
Ryan Ramczyk OT, Wisconsin
Gareon Conley , CB Ohio State

26. Seattle Seahawks - Adoree’ Jackson, CB, USC (v3stige)

While I feel OL is this team’s biggest need, CB is a hole they must fill as well. Had Bolles or Lamp been available, one of them would probably be this pick. Instead, Jackson provides immediate impact as a returner on special teams and alleviates pressure from Lockett to do so. He can also be their slot CB day one if need be, depending on how the team feels about Jeremy Lane going forward. He doesn’t fit the physical profile of most of the LOB, but his athleticism and dynamic play-making ability is too good to pass up especially towards the end of the first round.

27. Kansas City Chiefs - Cordrea Tankersley, CB, Clemson (JMichael39)

Kansas City has needs for starter caliber players in several areas. Two of the biggest are ILB and CB. While we could take a TE or a WR or even a backup QB at this point, we need to focus on those few key areas where we need starter caliber talent. So we went with a shut down quality CB who can help give our edge rushers enough time to get the opposing QB.

28. Dallas Cowboys - Gareon Conley, CB, Ohio State (MidnightSpecial)

The Cowboys are mostly flush on offense, though they might look to acquire another pass catcher, WR or TE. This draft projects to be defense heavy for them, and their needs match well with the draft's strong suits, particularly DE and CB. When I look at this corner class, I see a lot of depth, but maybe only Lattimore as a clear No. 1 CB. After that maybe only Conley, Humphrey, and Moreau have the potential to be a CB1. Of these three in the second tier, I think that Conley is the closest to his running mate Lattimore, and I'm surprised he lasted this long... 6'0", 200ish, long arms, blazing shuttle time and plus coverage skills? Yes please, as he may be the second best corner in a strong class at pick No. 28. The only thing that might have dissuaded me would be going for an edge rusher early.

Also considered: Charles Harris, Tak McKinley, Evan engram

29. Green Bay Packers - Takkarist McKinley, Edge, UCLA (HashtagMafioso)

After talking to a couple Packers buddies of mine, I was all set to just take Gareon Conley, the Ohio State corner. I had a nice write-up prepared and everything. Then the Cowboys snag him one pick earlier - so it goes...

Green Bay won't stay disappointed for long, however, as they snatch Takkarist McKinley, the dynamic and relentless EDGE rusher from UCLA. Takk is exactly the type of long, explosive, twitchy pass rusher who has the athletic traits to see success off the EDGE - but it's his relentless motor and work ethic that really put him over the top as an NFL prospect. A fair number of guys are taken every year who have the tools to succeed in the League but flame out due to a lack of motivation and work ethic: that won't be an issue for Takk.

And that work ethic and attitude is exactly what makes him a near-ideal Ted Thompson draft candidate. All teams like to build from the draft and develop internally, but Green Bay does so almost exclusively - so it's even more important for them to not whiff on a risky first round pick.

Weaknesses for Takk include concerns about his 'bend' (although I thought he showed plenty of ability to do so, he just needs to be more consistent with it coming around the edge) and a shoulder surgery that will sideline him 4-6 months - however he played through it the past two seasons, so without further medical info I'll assume there won't be any long term effects (and he could even get better if that was holding him back).

Overall the Packers were really hoping a guy like McCaffery or Conley would fall, but are happy to take Takkarist McKinley to insert immediately at EDGE and allow Clay to move inside exclusively (and hopefully be able to stay healthy for more than a quarter of the season).

30. Pittsburgh Steelers - John Ross, WR, Washington (Fenderfreak81)

I'll begin by stating the positions I really think the Steelers will be looking at this year. Those are WR, CB, S, Linebacker both Inside and Out. This is a deep draft at several of these positions, and the best player available always has to be kept in mind.

My best players available were Ryan Ramczyk (factoring position scarcity this draft), Obi Melafonwu, Jarred Davis, Evan Engram, Zay Jones, and Ross. However, the Steelers got good production out of Villanueva at Left Tackle and the rest of their line is fairly young and very solid. Therefore, Ramczyk was out. The draft is deep at pass rush, CB, and tight end, and the value and need isn't quite there right now with these players like it is with Ross.

The Steelers invested a second round pick in Sean Davis to play SS last year and he got better by the end of the season. I think Obi is better, but think the Steelers would pass on him here. Their secondary, as rated by PFF was just outside of the top ten last year (surprising based on the talent) and I think this deep draft in the secondary along with the solid production of their secondary last year allows them to wait for a CB or a S (plus they invested good money in Mike Mitchell, which I may not love but he played solid this year and is clearly a guy they like). So no Obi, Budda Baker, or CB here.

Patrick Mahomes was my other thought here, a qb whose footwork I loath and who I have serious doubts about but who has a big arm and has thrown in the flat windy Lubbock planes, conditions which prepare him well for the AFC North. I think the Steelers consider Mahomes here and also call several teams inquiring about trading back so another team can select him. Ultimately, I just don't love Mahomes as a prospect and I think the Steelers roll the dice that Ben plays 3 more years and they stay in win now mode.

As the Steelers wait on defense, knowing pass rusher may be available in later rounds, they decide to double down on what got them to the AFC Championship game in the first place: offense. Ben still has a big arm, but missed having a WR with deep deep speed last year; his up and down season spoke to that. Martavis Bryant is a player I love, one I desperately wanted Baalke to draft in the second round for the Niners, but he's a question mark on any given Sunday given his off the field issues. John Ross no question gives Big Ben a huge deep threat that missing Martavis deprived him of, but Ross is also an under rated route runner who catches the ball well away from his body. He can be a great #2 as a rookie, and an elite #3 option if Martavis gets his head right. Someday he may be a true #1, but that's yet to be seen. Right now, Ross will cause defenses to be more honest and not cheat safties up close to the line, thereby opening up the field for Leveon to run and catch short passes, for Antonio to run intermediate and all sorts of great routes like he always does, and it allows Ben to chuck it like he loves to do.

I think Ross is the pick here. I believe, personally, that Zay Jones will be a better overall WR in the NFL when careers are done. However, I think Ross fills the type of WR help that the win-now Steelers need at this moment ( a consistent serious deep threat) and he opens the whole offense up more right now. Coates is not reliable as a receiver, he's not the long term deep guy in my opinion. Ross is that guy.

31. Atlanta Falcons - Malik McDowell, DL, Michigan State (wiseguy545)

Atlanta’s defense needs to add playmakers, particularly on the defensive line. Despite the addition of Dontari Poe, the Falcons could definitely use a pass rusher to compliment Vic Beasley. Enter McDowell. He has the size (6-6, 295) and scheme versatility to be a force in Dan Quinn’s variable fronts – playing end on base downs and sliding inside on passing downs. While his attitude and technique issues raise some red flags, McDowell looks like a top-10 talent when he’s “on,” and Quinn should be able to get the most out of him.

32. New Orleans Saints - Kevin King, CB, Washington (Fred Mercury)

The Saints got a good pass rusher at No. 11 and now address the secondary at No. 32. King played slot and outside corner, as well as SS and FS at Washington. He may be a movable piece in the Saints secondary, but he may be best at outside corner. He's 6'3" and very athletic. His combine numbers (look them up and marvel) should put to rest any concerns about his speed and athleticism. He's good in press coverage and only allowed 1 touchdown over last 101 targets (to be fair, though, Washington's defense was stacked). The linebacker position is a mess for the Saints right now, but King's measurables and versatility were too tantalizing to pass up.

Also considered: Raekwon McMillan (LB, Ohio State), Budda Baker (FS, Washington), Patrick Mahomes II (QB, Texas Tech).