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Kyle Shanahan offers general remarks when asked about QB DeShone Kizer

The 49ers head coach will likely have a lot of say in drafting a quarterback. He spoke generally when asked about one in particular.

The San Francisco 49ers are assessing the quarterbacks in this year’s draft, and although people are backing off QB at No. 2, the position remains on the board as an early option.

In Chris Burke’s Wednesday three-round mock draft, he had the 49ers selecting Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer with their second round pick. The 49ers have been regularly connected to Kizer, thanks in part to John Lynch’s apparent interest in him. Lynch had high praise for his Combine interview, and they apparently went to dinner the night before the Notre Dame Pro Day.

Head coach Kyle Shanahan likely was at Kizer’s Combine interview, but was not at the dinner in South Bend. Lynch, QB coach Rich Scangarello, and two executives made the rounds of QB workouts that week, while Shanahan stayed in Santa Clara.

We don’t know what Shanahan thinks about the quarterbacks in this class, but he did get a chance to speak about DeShone Kizer on Wednesday at the NFC coaches’ media session. He kept things pretty generic when asked about Kizer. The two questions were how to evaluate Kizer amidst a poor supporting cast, and whether or not he can improve on his accuracy issues. Here’s what Shanahan had to say.

DeShone Kizer lost his supporting cast and went 4-8. How do you evaluate that?

That’s why you gotta watch it. You gotta see what happened and you can't just look at the stats or the record or the numbers. You gotta watch each game and sometimes it seems on paper or their record that they had a really bad game and you go and watch tape and the guy had a very good game. Stats can be deceiving and that’s why there’s no quick way to do it. You gotta watch every clip and really see how things ave happened. That’s what different with our sport. Your success on the football field is dependent on everybody. You can’t just go out there do it by yourself. It takes 11 guys all the time. It also takes a good system helping guys and you have to take it all into account.

Kizer has had some accuracy issues. Is what you see what you get or can you improve it?

Guys can get better, you can improve at everything. As you get better in your technique, you get your feet under you more, you want to look at why they’ve had accuracy issues, not talking about him specifically but if a guy is missing throws you look at why they are missing throws. You don’t ever want to change a guy throwing motion too much, that’s pretty much how they throw and you don’t want to mess with it with a guy but you can always work with their footwork and their timing and keeping their feet under them and how to keep them being a passer, not getting them in a running position. All that stuff goes into account when you’re throwing the ball. It’s a lot easier throwing the ball when you’re balanced and how many times do you get off balance? Those are things you try to help them with.