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Jets making the rounds of the QB circuit, working out Mitchell Trubisky on Thursday

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Will the Jets finally find the elite successor to Joe Namath? Doubtful.

The New York Jets have struggled to figure out a long-term quarterback solution for most of their history. Aside from Chad Pennington and Ken O’Brien, the only truly significant Jets QB over the years has been Joe Namath.

The Jets spent a second round pick on Christian Hackenberg a year ago, and they already seem to be regretting a decision that was panned by most. Adam Schefter is reporting they are working out North Carolina QB Mitchell Trubisky on Thursday. Albert Breer added to that, reporting that they already worked out DeShaun Watson and DeShone Kizer, and have workouts with Patrick Mahomes and Davis Webb in the works.

The Jets currently hold the sixth pick in the draft. They signed Josh McCown in free agency, creating a depth chart that includes McCown, Hackenberg, and Bryce Petty. They’ve been linked to Trubisky, but clearly they’re prepared to do some serious due diligence on the QB class. I doubt they spend that sixth pick on a quarterback, but if they really like one of them, nothing would surprise me.

Where it could get interesting is at the top of the second round. If only two or three quarterbacks have been drafted, the door is open for a potential deal if someone really likes one of the quarterbacks. The San Francisco 49ers and Cleveland Browns could be in a great position to do some trading to get more picks.