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Amy Trask talked 49ers-Raiders discussions when Levi’s was in early planning stages

There were some discussions before the 49ers had decided on a site, but nothing came from it.

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The Oakland Raiders are set to move to Las Vegas sometime between now and 2020, and there are plenty of opinions on what has gone down. A notable opinion worth considering is that of former Raiders CEO Amy Trask. The “Princess of Darkness” has become a media star in the past two years, publishing a book last year called You Negotiate Like a Girl.

Trask worked for the Raiders full time from 1987 to 2013, which means she was around when the team relocated from LA back to Oakland, and also during the time when the 49ers were figuring out Levi’s Stadium. It’s safe to say, she has a knowledgeable opinion on what has gone down.

Recently, she chatted with Tim Kawakami on his podcast. It focused on the Raiders move, and Kawakami asked at one point about whether or not anything was discussed with the 49ers when she was still in the Raiders organization. Here’s what she had to say:

“Well, we certainly didn’t get close to a deal. But we certainly had very, very substantive, detailed, thorough discussions. And for a number of reasons, I believe Levi’s Stadium posed a terrific alternative. You just identified some of them, Tim, which is, No. 1, it could have been a temporary spot, even if temporary is defined as half a decade or more, to perch one’s self while pursuing that alternative in Oakland.

“Something else to remember is that while I was having those discussions with the 49ers, that was before the precise location of the stadium had been identified. So we would have had a role in collaborating with the 49ers, and deciding where to place the stadium. And of course, when I was having those discussions, the stadium had not yet been designed. And we would have had a role in the stadium design. So it wouldn’t have had the feel of a 49ers stadium, in which the Raiders were playing. Look, the Jets and the Giants designed that stadium together. Like it or not, it was a collaborative effort, and that’s what we would have done. From an environmental standpoint, one stadium in a region makes a lot of sense, if one only looks at it from purposes of an environmental perspective.

“But ultimately, there was a lot of push-back, ‘Well, we don’t want the Raiders to leave Oakland, and go down and join the 49ers,’ and what I posited in response was, ‘But wouldn’t you rather the Raiders remain in the Bay Area, than perhaps leave entirely.’ It’s a balancing.”

The city of Oakland is not pleased with how things have gone down and are considering their legal options for evicting the team from the Coliseum sooner rather than later. It is unlikely to work, but on the off-chance that a lawsuit actually did work, Levi’s Stadium could still be a fall-back option.

The whole podcast is interesting, with discussion about the stadium, how Al Davis would have viewed all this, and also her thoughts on Colin Kaepernick’s status. Give it a listen below. If you don’t see the Soundcloud embed, click here.