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Golden Nuggets: Why we should draft Alex Torgersen to be the next Tom Brady

San Francisco 49ers links for Friday March 31, 2017

The man is smart (Ivy League) has the height (6’2”) and throws an accurate, tight spiral. What more could you possibly want? No, I am not serious but I also have just as hard of a time being serious about any other quarterback in the draft. It seems like the Niners Nation members are divided amongst these camps. There is the largest camp that is completely infatuated with DeShone Kizer, the Patrick Mahomes camp that seems to be not too far behind in popularity, the Mitch Trubisky camp, and taking up the rear is the Deshaun Watson camp with its notorious bandwagon leader, EJ Drummond. You have to completely admire his tenacity.

I really have no idea which camp to join. I am just going to hope for the best. Anyway, getting to the links, it was announced below that the 49ers will be holding their pro day on April 12th and Grant Cohn has an article on 49er draft targets by position that is sure to be an interesting read.

Now onto the sizzling links.

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