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2017 NFL mock draft: Considering seven rounds of 49ers picks

Some intriguing picks, with a few big questions.

The San Francisco 49ers have ten picks in the upcoming 2017 NFL Draft, and holding the No. 2 overall pick opens the door for a wide range of possibilities. A trade down from No. 2, or from No. 34 makes a lot of sense for adding more picks to improve the team’s depth, but that also requires someone wanting to do a deal.

Bleacher Report’s Matt Miller has introduced a new segment to his weekly scouting notebook in which he runs through a full mock draft for a given team. He uses FanSpeak’s “On The Clock” tool to come up with a full draft. This week, he did that for the 49ers. Here’s the full class of players he drafted:

1 (2). LB Reuben Foster, Alabama
2 (34). RB Joe Mixon, Oklahoma
3 (66). EDGE Carl Lawson, Auburn
4 (109). CB Corn Elder, Miami
4 (143). QB Joshua Dobbs, Tennessee
5 (146). G/C Chad Wheeler, USC
5 (161). S Delano Hill, Michigan
6 (198). DL DeAngelo Brown, Louisville
6 (202). WR Jerome Lane, Akron
7 (219). EDGE Josh Carraway, TCU

There are certainly a few questions to take from this mock draft. I prefer to focus on the positions rather than the players since once you get past No. 2, things are entirely wide open. However, the Joe Mixon pick would certainly get tongues wagging.

Mixon has dealt with a 2014 misdemeanor assault charge and a 2016 incident involving a parking attendant. Some teams have reportedly taken him off their draft board entirely. He has been meeting with a lot of teams, and Daniel Jeremiah recently reported that he is hearing second round is where Mixon will be drafted. There is no denying Mixon’s talent, but his off-field issues are particularly pertinent. John Lynch has talked about character, and I just don’t see him drafting Mixon.

Reuben Foster has been connected to the 49ers in previous mock drafts, but questions arose following his incident with a medical attendant at the NFL Combine. He has been meeting with teams, and was the 49ers first official visit. I’m guessing that incident came up, but his medical history is something to track as well. If the 49ers think he’s the best defensive talent (or at least best after Myles Garrett), they’ll need to offset it with the off-field and injury stuff.

Finally, the quarterback. Miller has the 49ers waiting until day three to draft Tennessee QB Joshua Dobbs. If the 49ers are not entirely sold on the QB position in this year’s draft, it makes sense to grab a developmental prospect a little bit later. This year’s class features a lot of “developmental prospects,” but if you don’t like where they might be heading, I can see why they would not want to spend a first or second round pick, or even a third on the position. You want impact picks in the first two days, not flyers. QB is incredibly important, but you have to balance it with the rest of a roster loaded with question marks. I think it makes all the sense in the world to draft a quarterback this year, and really most years, but certainly not early if you think they have too many questions.