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Draft prospect talks about advantage John Lynch has in meetings

John Lynch knows what it’s like to go through the draft and play in the NFL. It’s an intriguing advantage.

The San Francisco 49ers are meeting with a variety of prospects at the 2017 NFL Combine, and one of them had something particularly interesting to say about his meeting with the team.

Toledo running back Kareem Hunt met with the media on Thursday, and said that the 49ers were one of the team with whom he spoke. He talked up the team, saying, “the 49ers are a great team. They’re going to come up. Hey had a tough last year, but I feel I could fit them, too. I wouldn’t mind.”

The question that led to that was “what did you think of the 49ers?” I’m sure he’ll be complimentary about any team when asked that question, so take that with a grain of salt. However, he was later asked if John Lynch has an advantage in these meetings as a former player.

It is entirely a leading question, so of course he is going to say yes. But his answer was still interesting. He said it was great experience and that someone like Lynch, “can relate to me and understand everything I’m going through personally – the grind and everything. It’s just a huge experience.”

I don’t think this makes much of a difference from a draft perspective, since only UDFAs get some semblance of choice in the process. However, I am curious how this will impact free agent meetings next week and beyond. Lynch has no experience as an executive, but he has as much NFL experience as anybody out there. He knows what players go through and every aspect of the process. The 49ers are coming off an atrocious season that free agents might not like. However, Lynch could very well have the experience that attracts free agents. This particular hire makes free agency that much more interesting.