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What Colin Kaepernick opt-out means for 49ers salary cap

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The 49ers have crazy cap space.

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick filed paperwork on Friday to opt out of his contract, according to ESPN’s Adam Caplan. He will officially become a free agent on Thursday when free agency opens, and that means the 49ers are clearing out even more cap space.

The NFLPA will be updating their public salary cap report, but in the meantime, our man Jason Hurley keeps us fully informed! He updated our 2017 cap page to reflect Colin Kaepernick as a free agent, and he has the 49ers holding $95,700,652 in cap space. That number does not reflect Earl Mitchell’s contract, as details have not yet arrived. However, even if we divide Mitchell’s four-year, $16 million deal in fourths, the 49ers are still looking at over $90 million in cap space.

The 49ers could still release other players, between now and the start of free agency. Additionally, GM John Lynch said the team is doing work to potentially extend some of their own free agents. If anything happens on that, we will update the cap space accordingly.