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Initial Earl Mitchell contract details arrive

The 49ers got a run-stuffing defensive tackle at a fairly decent price.

The San Francisco 49ers signed defensive tackle Earl Mitchell to a four-year contract, and multiple reports suggest he will earn $16 million, with $5.5 million coming in the first year. We have not seen full details, but the NFLPA has posted his base salaries for the first four years. They are as follows:

2017: $1,650,000
2018: $2,250,000
2019: $2,850,000
2020: $2,850,000

The four years salary add up to $9.6 million. If he is due $16 million over the life of the contract, that leaves $6.4 million in additional money. If he is due to earn $5.5 million the first year, that means he has $3.85 million in additional money due in 2017. That likely includes at least a mixture of signing bonus and roster bonus money.

Hypothetically, if he has a $3 million signing bonus, the signing bonus cap hit each year would be $750,000. That would mean a first year cap hit of $3.25 million between his base salary, prorated signing bonus, and $850,000 in assorted bonuses and/or incentives. Jason Hurley will have more details in the coming days, but in the meantime, that at least gives us a decent idea of where his contract stands. And given the 49ers cap space and his potential role in the base defense, it is not exactly a bad deal.

Earlier today I mentioned that the 49ers had $95 million in salary cap space following Colin Kaepernick’s decision to opt out. That number likely drops to around $92 million with Mitchell’s contract.