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Arik Armstead talked about his NFL Combine experience and being claustrophobic getting an MRI

I can’t really blame Arik Armstead for getting a little stressed out.

Alabama linebacker Reuben Foster was sent home from the NFL Combine on Friday following “a heated argument” with a hospital worker, according to Adam Schefter.

Foster recently had shoulder surgery, and was not going to participate in Combine activities. He was going through the medical process that included numerous checks. Players are poked and prodded, and former NFL player Eric Winston suggested the NFL wants to get under players’ skin at times.

There are plenty of stories about craziness at the NFL Combine, some more bizarre than others. Earlier today, 49ers defensive tackle Arik Armstead had a story of his own about the Combine. It was nothing crazy, but it was an example of how players can get a little stressed during the event.

Armstead talked about having to go through three MRIs, including looks at his wrist, neck, and shoulder. He said he spent three hours in the MFI machine, and it was stressful due to his claustrophobia. I’ve had a couple MRIs in the past, and while I am not really claustrophobic, being inside the machine and unable to move is rough. I can see how someone who is claustrophobic might start to lose it.

Here’s some video, along with a transcript of the pertinent comments.

That’s nothing how I remember my experience at the Combine. Mine was stressful, hectic, the busiest I’ve ever been in three days. Really, what I remember is, the medical part, I had to get three MRIs on my wrist, my neck, and my shoulder. And I lay in there on my stomach with my wrist in there, and then on my back with my neck, and then my shoulder. And I was in the MRI machine for three hours straight. And first of all, I’m claustrophobic, and claustrophobic and MRI machines don’t really mix well. The last hour, I was in there for two hours straight doing well, trying to stay calm, and that last hour I started tripping out. And I started pressing the button to get the people to let me out, and they wouldn’t let me out, and I started tripping. I was getting made, and that’s something I’ll always remember from the Combine, was that experience. Really wasn’t a real positive one.