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DeSean Jackson expected to visit Tampa Bay Buccaneers during NFL free agency tampering period

The free agent market could clear out in a hurry.

The San Francisco 49ers signed wide receiver Jeremy Kerley to a contract extension on Saturday, but it likely does not preclude further additions to the wide receiver depth chart. However, one player that might be coming off the market sooner rather than later is DeSean Jackson. The Washington receiver is expected to visit with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers next week during the tampering period, according to Washington reporter Lake Lewis.

Technically, a player cannot meet directly with a team during the tampering period. A player’s agent is allowed to speak with the team, but the player cannot interact until the new league year starts on March 9. While Jackson might technically not be able to meet personally with the Bucs, if a deal is going to get done quickly, he will be there to sign.

Jackson could be in competition with Alshon Jeffery for the highest free agent contract for this year’s class of wide receivers. However, I continue to think the best value could be Jackson’s soon-to-be former teammate Pierre Garcon. He is a little older, and not the traditional game-breaker, but he could be a strong option next to Torrey Smith.

Garcon has been pushing his case throughout the offseason. Recently, he posted some screenshots on Instagram with his production and health over recent years. He thinks he is more than a possession receiver, and is pushing the argument. The term “possession receiver” is always an odd term that seems to apply to different players in different ways. I don’t think Garcon is a guy that will be dominant in four or five years, but I think the 49ers could get some very solid production from him the next couple years. And with a potentially inexperienced quarterback in the near future, veteran receivers could be valuable.