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Jim Tomsula running defensive line drills at 2017 NFL Combine

He remains mustache-less, and apparently fearless as these huge guys are running right at him.

The defensive linemen and linebackers are going through workouts and positional drills on Sunday, and there is a familiar face handling the defensive linemen. New Washington defensive line coach Jim Tomsula is in charge of the defensive line drills today!

I missed the coverage on TV, but a few folks were kind enough to tweet over video and pictures. Tomsula shaved his mustache after the 49ers fired him, and it would appear he has stuck with the clean-shaven look. Additionally, the former 49ers coach looks a little bit slimmed down.

The coverage shows him running a drill where the player lines up and comes directly at Tomsula. He then directs them to go left or right, and they have to cut quickly to avoid running into him. It’s actually really impressive that he basically stands there as these Mack Trucks are coming right at him and could easily run him over.