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Time stamps for Greg Cosell podcast with Matt Maiocco

NFL Films producer Greg Cosell was a guest on CSN Bay Area reporter Matt Maiocco’s podcast and had a lot to interesting points about the current state of the 49ers. They discussed a broad range of topics, hitting on several things everyone is discussing. They talked about the draft, Colin Kaepernick returning to the team, quarterback prospects, and plenty more.

The entire podcast interview is worth a listen when you get a free moment. However, if you are pressed for time and want to find some specific segments, I put together a rundown of time stamps for pertinent topics. There are some areas where Maiocco had him elaborate on a given topic, but this is a good breakdown of what to find what was discussed.

00:56 - What he gets out of going to the NFL Combine.
1:25 - What goes into his film study of the prospects.
3:28 - On John Lynch’s comments about Mitch Trubisky making money for being 6’2.
4:52 - Thoughts/relationship with Kyle Shanahan.
6:51 - What kind of quarterback fits Kyle Shanahan’s style.
9:50 - Colin Kaepernick returning to the 49ers.
10:55 - What veteran quarterback can come to the 49ers.
12:02 - On trading draft picks to Washington/New England for a quarterback.
13:18 - On if the 49ers draft a quarterback with the second pick.
15:30 - Talking about the top quarterback prospects could run Shanahan’s offense.
20:24 - On quarterbacks making the transition to the speed of the NFL.
21: 30 - What do Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch have to do to build around a quarterback?
22:45 - On when he’s coming out to watch film with Shanahan.
23:37 - What kind of training camp Kyle Shanahan will run.