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2017 NFL Combine workout schedule: Time, live stream, Cornerback & Safety prospects to watch on Day 4

We highlight and profile the 2017 NFL draft-eligible cornerback and safety prospects taking the field today for their on-field workouts at the NFL Combine on Day 4.

We have already seen some intriguing prospects perform well at the combine, including Washington Huskies wide receiver John Ross who set a new record with the 40 (4.22). The bad news was that he wasn't wearing Adidas cleats so no island for Ross. Deshaun Watson and Mitchel Trubisky solidified themselves as the top 2 quarterbacks in this draft class, O.J. Howard is a physical freak at tight end, and Myles Garrett is a once-in-a-generation-type prospect. Overall, I would say a handful of prospects made themselves some more money with their performances on Saturday & Sunday.

The San Francisco 49ers have talent at both the cornerback and safety position, however like the previous three days, they will be keeping close tabs on what they observe today. As I mentioned in a previous article, you can never have too much depth at any position and with a boatload of draft picks in April I feel confident the 49ers will invest in their defensive backfield.

I have provided a short-list of projects to watch at both the cornerback and safety position. Both positions seem to be deep with talent, so there will definitely be many intriguing prospects that don't make this list that are worth keep a close eye on during their workouts.

2017 NFL Combine:

Location: Indianapolis, IN | Lucas Oil Stadium
Time: 6:00 AM PT
Channel: NFL Network
Live Stream:
Day 4: Cornerbacks & Safeties

Are there prospects not mentioned in this article that you are looking forward to watching? Please share in the comments below!

As a friendly reminder, here are the drills and workouts that make up the NFL combine:

40-yard dash
Vertical Jump
Broad Jump
Shuttle Run
Bench Press
10 yard split
3 cone drill
20 yard shuttle
60 yard shuttle


How the measurable drills translate for cornerbacks. All minimal measurements are courtesy of DraftBreakdown.

Drill Target Explanation

40 yd dash 4.55 Speed over distance

10 yd split 1.60 Initial quickness

225 Bench 15 Upper body strength

Vertical Jump 36″ Explosiveness

Broad Jump 10’0″ Explosiveness

20 yd shuttle 4.00 Flexibility/burst/balance

60 yd shuttle 11.2 Endurance

3 cone drill 7.00 Agility/COD

The drills for cornerbacks have some similarities to drills for wide receivers where speed is a big factor that evaluators and scouts look for in a cornerback. The vertical jump and Broad jump as Draft Breakdown states, measures explosiveness. I also like to see corners in the 20 yard shuttle and see if they possess that sudden burst, an important factor to consider, especially against the more speedy receivers. Lastly, with many of these drills, something to keep an eye on is how these cornerback prospects are running through their hips.

Cornerbacks To Watch:

NFL: Combine Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

DB34 Marshon Lattimore, CB - Ohio State (1st Round)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 193 lbs. Hands: 8 7/8” Arm Length: 31 1/4”

Checks off all the athleticism boxes, Lattimore has the speed to match up in one-to-one matchups with receivers. Runs fluidly through his hips and gets more explosive as the play extends. Has exceptional anticipation on where the ball is going, and has laser focus on the quarterbacks eyes. His footwork is clean and precise, and his football instincts continue to get better and better each season. Thanks to his dynamic coverage skills Lattimore can be placed anywhere on the field. In the open field, Lattimore wraps-up his opponent when bringing them to the ground. Lattimore is able to slow down receivers and can be disruptive at the line of scrimmage. His blend of speed, physicality, coverage skills, and football instincts are what makes him an explosive prospect to watch and get excited about.

NCAA Football: CFP National Championship-Clemson vs Alabama Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

DB20 Marlon Humphrey, CB - Alabama (1st Round)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 197 lbs. Hands: 8 3/4” Arm Length: 32 1/4”

One of the most physical defensive backs featured in this combine. Humphrey has fluid hips which helps create a sudden burst and explosive speed that allows him to go toe-to-toe with the opposition from start to finish. Humphrey plays with competitive spirit, and a physical brand of football. Never gives up on a play, and plays with relentless aggression. Did a consistent job of forcing a receiver out of bounds and taking them out of the play. Finishes his tackles, and also looks to strip the ball free when the opportunities present itself. Has a great blend of playmaking abilities both on the line, and in intermediate and deep coverage routes. This lockdown corner should be able to put on a physical show at the combine.

NCAA Football: Pac-12 Championship-Colorado vs Washington Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

DB28 Sidney Jones, CB - Washington (1st Round)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 186 lbs. Hands: 9 3/8” Arm Length: 31 1/2”

One of the most consistent ball hawks and cover defenders in the country. Jones was the best corner as far as anticipating where the ball was going, and covering routes from the point of snap to the end of the play. Often gets his hands on the ball either breaking up the pass or intercepting the pass outright. Jones is able to undercut many routes, often disrupting the receiver and breaking up plays. Has light feet and runs cleanly through his hips. As we continue to go through the draft process Jones is constantly getting compared to former teammate Marcus Peters. We will see if the Combine solidifies his first round grade so like Peters, Jones also hears his name called on day 1.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Florida vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DB48 Jalen “Teez” Tabor, CB - Florida (1st Round)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 199 lbs Hands: 8 5/8” Arm Length: 32”

A change since I evaluated cornerbacks. I now have a first round grade for Tabor. Previously I had him falling just outside the 1st round due to some character concerns. However, the talent is too much to ignore and I believe a team will see the value to take him on day 1. Tabor’s blend of speed and athleticism made him one of the best cover corners. His light and quick feet help him stay with his opponent on the intermediate and deep coverage routes. Thanks to the spring in his legs he is willing to constantly match receivers for jump-balls. Has the ability to quickly change direction and get himself in position to make a play on the ball. Uses his hands effectively in coverage. He hits with the mentality of trying to knock the ball out of the receivers hands. His closing burst can put him with many of the top receivers he was up against this season, and a skill that should translate smoothly to the next level. His arrow continues to point up. Could he crack into the top 20?

NCAA Football: Rose Bowl Game-Penn State vs Southern California Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

DB21 Adoree’ Jackson, CB - USC (2nd Round)
Height: 5’10” Weight” 186 lbs. Hands: 9 1/4” Arm Length: 31 3/8

One of my favorite corners in this draft class. I really like the overall package that Jackson has to offer to a team willing to invest a day 2 selection on him. His combination of skills as a defensive back and on special teams give teams plenty of options on how to utilize him. An elite athlete, Jackson has continued to improve and strengthen his coverage skills. Runs fluidly through his hips and his feet are light off the line, which help him generate a burst of speed to stay toe-to-toe with receivers in one-to-one matchups. Makes clean tackles, bringing the opposition to the ground quickly. Has made improvements in run-support, and has shown tremendous football instincts. He has 8 career returns for touchdowns, and can be explosive in open space. Like Tabor his arrow is pointing up, and a great showing at the combine and his Pro Day might have Jackson knocking on the door of the first round.

NCAA Football:  Florida at Louisiana State Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

DB55 Tre’Davious White, CB - LSU (2nd Round)
Height: 5’11” Weight: 192 lbs. Hands: 9 1/8” Arm Length: 32 1/8”

White is another prospect who’s value is literally all over the place. I have seen mocks drafting him as high as six overall to the New York Jets. I have seen mocks where he has slipped all the way down to day 3 of the draft (Rounds 4-7). However, there is some intriguing aspects to like about White’s game, and while he may not be a day 1 selection, he certainly wont be on the board after day 2. White is a force on the line scrimmage, tying up receivers, and breaking up potential long runs and big-plays. Can change direction quickly, thanks to his light feet and his ability to move fluidly through the hips. Has good instincts and has the ability to cut down the route and make a play on the ball. Overall, a good physical intriguing prospect to watch throughout the draft process.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Florida vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DB58, Quincy Wilson, CB - Florida (2nd Round)
Height: 6’1” Weight: 211 lbs. Hands: 9 5/8” Arm Length: 32 1/4”

Like his teammate Tabor, Wilson also had a productive and successful tenure with the Florida Gators. Plays to his size with physicality and a relentless attitude. Has the speed to stay with a team’s burner on the outside and will go the distance. Plays strong on the line of scrimmage, and often created disruption early in a receiver’s route. Has a competitive nature that coaches and scouts seek in a prospect. Feet are light, and movement is proficient both in straight-line as well as going from east-to-west. Thanks to his physicality, Wilson should have a great showing in Indianapolis.


How the measurable drills translate for Safeties:

Drill Target Explanation

40 yd dash 4.60 Speed over distance

10 yd split 1.65 Initial quickness

225 Bench 18 Upper body strength

Vertical Jump 36″ Explosiveness

Broad Jump 10’0″ Explosiveness

20 yd shuttle 4.05 Flexibility/burst/balance

60 yd shuttle 11.2 Endurance

3 cone drill 7.10 Agility/COD

Like corners and receivers, speed will be a factor while scouts evaluate the safety prospects, especially those prospects who are projected to be free safeties at the next level. Those safeties that can play that “Centerfielder” role in the backfield in a defensive scheme. Those prospects projected to be strong safeties will be carefully evaluated on upper body strength, endurance, and initial quickness. Do strong safety prospects have the ability to play the role of a hybrid linebacker?

Free Safety & Strong Safety Breakdown:

Here is a breakdown and description of both the free safety and strong safety positions.

Free Safety: Tends to defend the pass more. The FS must navigate where the pass is going. May need to contribute on running plays, and can be asked to blitz the QB in specialty designed packages. Must have the speed to cover and defend those wide receivers who can take the top off of a defense. Has that “Centerfielder” vision and range. Must be able to read a receiver’s route and a QB’s eyes.

Strong Safety: This position gets it’s name because the SS plays on the “Strong” side of the field, similar to a “Strong-Side” linebacker. The SS defends more running plays, is more run oriented, and has the size of a linebacker with the speed and burst of a safety. Still asked to cover receivers and tight ends in passing plays.

Safeties To Watch:

NCAA Football: Indiana at Ohio State Joe Maiorana-USA TODAY Sports

DB19 Malik Hooker, FS - Ohio State (1st Round)
Height: 6’1” Weight: 206 lbs Hands: 10 3/4” Arm Length: 32 1/4”

So, the bad news is that Hooker will not be participating in any drills or workouts due to recovering from both a hernia and a torn labrum. The good news is that word is Hooker is winning his interviews with teams meeting with him in Indianapolis this week. Hooker is expected to make a full recovery and be a full participant in training camp later this year. With that said, I expect Hooker to not only be the first safety off the board but the first overall defensive back selected as well. As I mentioned in my cornerbacks article, so much of Hooker reminds me of Earl Thomas. While Safety isn't such a pressing need for the 49ers, Hooker would be an instant upgrade and a welcoming addition to the defensive unit.

NCAA Football: Citrus Bowl-Louisiana State vs Louisville Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DB01 Jamal Adams, SS - LSU (1st Round)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 214 lbs. Hands: 9 1/4” Arm Length: 33 3/8”

Adams is a tremendous asset in passing coverage, and thanks to his large wingspan, was able to cover and eliminate passes thrown his way.m Plays at an elite level, especially against the run, which is one of the most important aspects scouts and evaluators look for in a strong safety. Covers the “Strong” side of the field with authority, and hits his opponent like a linebacker. A major positive that pops up on his film on multiple occasions is his ability to cover tight ends. Adams has great ball instincts and can anticipate where the pass is heading. His great character and leadership qualities should earn him plenty of points inside the interview room. He should also have a great showing performing the drills and workouts on the field.

NCAA Football: Temple at Connecticut David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

DB40 Obi Melifonwu, FS - Connecticut (1st Round)
Height: 6’4” Weight: 224 lbs. Hands: 9 1/8” Arm Length: 32 1/2”

Another change in draft value. I have underestimated Melifonwu early on, and I do believe he will hear his name called towards the end of day 1. What I do know is that he is going to put on a show at the combine. Here’s the interesting thing about Obi…He has such a high motor, quick sudden burst and tremendous speed that some teams just might view and visualize him as a cornerback. Has laser focus on the ball, and can play the centerfield position evaluators seek in the free safety position. Pass coverage skills is a major plus, and has shown ballhawk abilities with multiple interceptions each season with the Huskies. Has tremendous straight line speed, especially towards his opponent, which helps him finish his tackles with force. The more I watch Obi the more I love his game. Will he be there at pick 34? Will the 49ers consider a safety in round 2? Decisions…Decisions…

NCAA Football: Tennessee at Texas A&M Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

DB12 Justin Evans, SS - Texas A & M (2nd-3rdRound)
Height: 6’0” Weight: 199 lbs. Hands: 9 3/4” Arm Length: 32”

A great athlete with impressive physical tools. Plays well in pass coverage who can disrupt passing lanes and finish the plays with bone jarring hits to the receiver. Has ballhawk abilities with reliable hands, reeling in multiple interceptions during his time with the Aggies. Ability to change direction in motion, and moves well in the straight line as well as going from east-to-west. Plays a fearless and physical brand of football. Doesn’t hold back one inch and finishes his hits. Plays his best in run coverage, and breaks up and disrupts runs up the middle and along the edge. Evans is in a good position to raise his value and draft stock with a good showing in Indianapolis this week.

NCAA Football: Outback Bowl-Florida vs Iowa Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

DB30 Desmond King, DB* - Iowa (2nd Round)
Height: 5’10” Weight: 201 lbs. Hands: 9 5/8” Arm Length: 31 1/8”

Is King a cornerback or a safety at the next level? That seems to be the ongoing debate. That’s why I have him listed him as a defensive back at the moment (DB). My feeling is that due to a lack of top speed required at the cornerback position he will transition to the safety position even though he played corner throughout his collegiate career with the Hawkeyes. Where King makes up for his speed are his instincts and anticipation for where the ball is going. His ballhawk abilities make him a magnet to the football. Has strong hands and ball-tracking skills that continued to get better and better. Can play special teams as a kick and punt returner. It will be interesting to see what team drafts him and envisions him in their defensive scheme.

NCAA Football: Washington at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

DB04 Budda Baker, FS - Washington (2nd-3rd Round)
Height: 5’10” Weight: 195 lbs. Hands: 9” Arm Length: 30 3/4

An explosive athlete who plays with a chip on his shoulder. Speed is a major plus for Baker, who uses it to the max to track balls, and undercut receiver’s route’s to the football. Runs natural and fluidly through his hips, and utilizes his high motor to get faster as the play extends. Plays with a relentless, never quit, attitude, and wont ever give up on a play. His instincts and Football IQ are impressive, and his willingness to improve his game and get better is what any coach would want. Another prospect who has done exceptionally well in the interview process this week, and should put his best foot forward on the field during workouts and drills. I am looking forward to his 40 time. He most likely wont match new record holder and teammate John Ross, but could put up a number that earns him some more money.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Utah Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

DB56 Marcus Williams, FS - Utah (2nd-3rd Round)
Height: 6’1” Weight: 202 lbs. Hands: 9 1/2” Arm Length: 32 1/2”

Another defensive back prospect who has the potential to put on a show for scouts and evaluators at the combine, thanks to his physical and athletic traits. Williams just missed making my top 5 for safeties a couple of weeks ago, but he is knocking on the door. A smooth, fluid runner who can change direction on a dime and cover so much field. Thanks to the spring in his legs, Williams can leap up for those 50/50 jump balls. His interception-to-target ratio is impressive. While he plays aggressive and fierce, Williams is also patient and tracks the football well. Willing to step up against the run, and wants to contribute as much as he can play in and play out.