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Reuben Foster to meet with teams at Alabama Pro Day to discuss early departure from NFL Combine

How far might Reuben Foster drop in the 2017 NFL Draft?

The San Francisco 49ers have been linked to linebacker Reuben Foster in pre-Combine mock drafts, but the past few days brought some craziness that could shake that up.

The Alabama linebacker was not participating in drills, but went through the medical check following rotator cuff surgery. Foster got into a heated argument with a hospital worker, and was subsequently asked to leave the Combine. There are questions as to who was at fault, but given the importance of the pre-draft process, it was not a good look for the linebacker prospect.

Now, Foster is looking to work his way back into the good graces of teams. Foster sent teams a letter in which he acknowledged that it is a “privilege and an honor” to participate in the Combine. Additionally, according to NFL Network reporter Kimberly Jones, Foster invited teams to speak with him in the linebacker room at the Alabama football building this week. Alabama is hosting their Pro Day on Wednesday, and while Foster will not take part in drills, he will be on hand.

Foster has been projected as high as to the 49ers at No. 2, but I can’t imagine this Combine incident has gone over well. He could very well explain it away and that’ll be that, but one has to wonder what this might mean for his draft stock. From a purely football perspective, he is among the most talented players in this year’s draft. But now, you’ve got the injury coupled with this incident at the Combine. Teams are often risk averse, and something like this makes it easy to pass on him. I don’t think he drops too far, but this could very well be enough to drop him out of the top ten.