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2017 NFL free agency news: Restricted free agent tenders released

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The 49ers have three former UDFAs currently listed as restricted free agents.

The San Francisco 49ers have numerous unrestricted free agents, but they also have three restricted free agents they can tender. Offensive guard Andrew Tiller, defensive back Marcus Cromartie, and cornerback Chris Davis are all restricted this year. The 49ers have until Thursday to tender them, otherwise they become unrestricted free agents.

Fooch’s update No. 2: Matt Barrows is reporting the team will not tender any of their restricted free agents.

Fooch’s update: DuJuan Harris was apparently an RFA as well, and the team will not tender him or Cromartie, per Matt Barrows.

ESPN’s Field Yates reported on Monday that the tender amount for each player is official. A first round tender will cost $3.91 million, a second round tender will cost $2.746 million, and an original round tender will cost $1.797M.

A restricted free agent is a player with three years of accrued service time. Four years is the requirement for unrestricted free agency, while having fewer than three results in a player being an exclusive rights free agent. If a team places a tender on an RFA, that player can seek offers elsewhere. If he signs an offer sheet, his team can then either match it, or decline to match and receive the appropriate compensation.

If a team places a first or second round tender on an RFA, letting him depart would result in that draft pick. If a team places an original round tender, it will depend on where a player was drafted. If a player originally entered the NFL as a UDFA, then there is no compensation for the team.

All three of the 49ers RFAs were signed as undrafted free agents. Tiller signed with the 49ers, while Cromartie and Davis both initially signed with the Chargers.