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NFL free agency rumors: Mike Glennon expected to get $14M-$15M per year

It seems like a lot, but it’s really not.

The NFL free agency tampering period gets going on Tuesday, and with that will come a swirl of dollar figures. Players cannot sign until Thursday, but we will hear unofficial reports that deals are done.

One player who could cash in big this offseason is quarterback Mike Glennon. He received a starting opportunity in 2013 and 2014, but the Bucs subsequently drafted Jameis Winston as their QB of the future.

Glennon enters a market with limited options in free agency. Kirk Cousins has been franchised, and most of the rest of the QB options are only available via trade. Right now, Glennon and Colin Kaepernick are arguably the two best options in free agency. Jay Cutler could join this group as well.

The draft class is underwhelming in many ways, which could bode well for a bridge quarterback looking to sign a deal. Glennon has not proven to be a franchise guy, but a team is going to give him a decent-sized contract to buy a couple years. And he could cash in well, according to Yahoo! NFL reporter Charles Robinson. Sunday evening, Robinson tweeted out some contract expectations he was hearing from NFL sources, and he reported that he is hearing Glennon could secure a deal that pays him $14 million to $15 million per year.

When that number floated around, people were quickly taken aback. It seems like a lot of money for a quarterback who has shown some things, but was not overly impressive in his brief time as a starter. However, we have to factor in the fact that contracts for starting quarterbacks are always inflated going to come in higher than normal.

The average per year is not a useful tool for cap value, but let’s say, for argument’s sake that Glennon has a cap hit of $15 million per year. For 2017, that would rank him 21st among starting quarterbacks, according to Over The Cap. Tony Romo currently has the highest cap hit at $24.7 million. That is followed by Joe Flacco ($24.55M), Carson Palmer ($24.125M), Kirk Cousins ($23.944M), and Matt Ryan ($23.75M). The notable players that would be behind Glennon in 2017 would be Jay Cutler ($14,281,250), Tom Brady ($14M), Jameis Winston ($6,913,985), and Marcus Mariota ($6,603,811).

Contracts vary drastically based on whether or not they are rookie deals, and when they have been negotiated and restructured. We have to take those figures with a certain grain of salt, but a $15 million cap hit technically is not all that big for a quarterback. As the salary cap continues to climb in large chunks, we are going to see more and more big numbers like this, and we just have to get used to them.

It is also worth noting that any Glennon deal would likely not include an overly lengthy commitment. It might end up being a four or five year deal, but guarantees would likely let a team out fairly early on. I feel like we would see a prove-it deal that gets Glennon some up-front money, but ends up having an option of some sort after the first year. It would give Glennon a chance to show what he’s worth given his lack of starting experience the last three years.