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2017 NFL mock draft: How many will see DeShone Kizer climbing?

How much will the interview impact his draft stock compared to questions about footwork and his last season?

Quarterback prospects wrapped up their 2017 NFL Combine work on Saturday, and have gone their separate ways to prepare for Pro Days and private workouts. Most analysts felt that DeShaun Watson had the best week, but DeShone Kizer reportedly wow’d the San Francisco 49ers with his interview.

In his latest 2017 NFL mock draft, SB Nation’s Dan Kadar used that last tidbit to boost Kizer up into the top QB spot. He has Myles Garrett going No. 1, and then has the 49ers selecting Kizer at No. 2. Dan acknowledged that he might be “caught inhaling a heavy smokescreen of Kizer love laid by 49ers general manager John Lynch.”

In his Thursday press conference, Lynch had praise for how the interview went. Of course, Lynch also acknowledged it is only one part of a lengthy process. Kizer reportedly struggled with footwork and ball placement in his passing drills on Saturday. He was benched at one point this past season, and there were a lot of questions surrounding his play and that of the Notre Dame offense.

I don’t think Lynch was entirely BS’ing on how the interview went, in part because Kizer had a solid press conference the next day. Agents do a lot of prep for players in advance of the Combine, but Kizer seems like someone who could have developed into a well-spoken individual outside of just Combine prep. However, what Kyle Shanahan sees on film is likely going to prove more important than what Kizer had to say in the interview room. The latter is not entirely insignificant, but it strikes me as being further down the list than what the quarterback shows on film.