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Jay Gruden Signs two-year extension in Washington

Will coaching stability help the team come to a long term deal with Kirk Cousins?

Washington announced on Monday that head coach Jay Gruden agreed to a two-year contract extension. Gruden’s previous contract was set to expire after the 2018 season. Quang Lam from pointed out that Gruden is the first head coach to receive a contract extension under owner Dan Snyder.

The move has the potential to impact the San Francisco 49ers reported pursuit of quarterback Kirk Cousins. Some analysts had speculated that an uncertain future at the head coaching position was a concern for Cousins when considering a long term deal with Washington. If that is the case, Gruden’s extension makes it much more likely they will come to an agreement with Cousins.

With no quarterbacks currently on the roster, the 49ers may have to look to a free agent market of cast-offs like Brian Hoyer or Mike Glennon for their starting QB in 2017. They could also try an work out a trade for another option, but whatever they decide, they risk pushing a rookie onto the field too soon.