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Torrey Smith tweets about 49ers release, sort of

The last two years were lost seasons for Torrey Smith. His next destination could put him in a much better situation.

The San Francisco 49ers have informed Torrey Smith of his release, according to multiple reports, and the now ex-49er had a tweet about it.

The past two years have been a waste for Torrey Smith, and really a waste of money for the 49ers. They signed him to be a deep threat, but the quarterback position turned into a mess. Smith is a strong deep threat that can be a regular game-changer, but it has seemed like he would be best suited with a good quarterback and complemented by a strong possession type receiver. It’s not shame on his game, but it seems like that is the kind of receiver he is.

The wide receiver market is going to be busy in the next few days, but Smith will get first dibs on teams. Since he was released, any team can sign him before Thursday, and it will not cost them a comp pick. He won’t be cheap, but I think he’ll come in at a cheaper price than someone like Alshon Jeffery. And if he is in the right situation, I don’t doubt that he will be able to re-emerge as a viable threat.