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Quinton Patton tweets suggest he is leaving in free agency

QP was not pleased on Twitter.

The San Francisco 49ers released wide receiver Torrey Smith on Monday, and it would appear that Quinton Patton will not be returning to the 49ers either. Patton is a free agent, and Steve Berman noticed a string of tweets from Patton that would suggest he is not pleased.

We could make other assumptions, but the easiest one is that Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch told Patton the team will not be looking to bring him back.

As passionate as Patton has been, it would not exactly be a shocking development to see the new management team decide to move on. Patton flashed some skills, but injuries and inconsistency were a problem. In his first two seasons, he played in ten games and had a total of six catches for 78 yards. In his final two seasons, he was a regular member of the lineup, but had a total of 67 receptions for 802 yards and one touchdown. As Steve pointed out, he had more personal fouls (four) than trips to the end zone.

The 49ers enter free agency with very little depth at wide receiver. Well, they have bodies, but not a lot of proven talent. Jeremy Kerley had 64 receptions for 667 yards last season. The rest of the remaining wide receivers combined had 21 receptions for 244 yards. It’s safe to say the 49ers will be adding some talent this offseason.