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49ers might be interested in Broncos QB Trevor Siemian

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Kyle Shanahan expressed interest in Trevor Siemian during a job interview. Make of that what you will.

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan had interviews with other teams during the head coach search process, and it is revealing some interesting information. One team he spoke with was the Denver Broncos. During that interview, Shanahan apparently told John Elway that he was impressed with quarterback Trevor Siemian.

Broncos beat writer Mike Klis recently reported the team was looking at Tony Romo if he is released. In discussing that option, he stated that Elway is almost certain to receive trade requests for Siemian. After losing Brock Osweiler to the Houston Texans, Denver inserted Siemian into the starting lineup. He struggled at times, but had some positive moments. And apparently, they caught Kyle Shanahan’s eye.

“If the Broncos were to acquire Romo, Elway figures to almost instantly receive trade requests for Siemian, starting with the San Francisco 49ers. New 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan communicated during his head coach interview with the Broncos he was impressed with Siemian, who is scheduled to make a ridiculously affordable $615,000 this season and $705,000 in 2018 as part of his rookie contract.”

This does not mean the 49ers actually are interested in Siemian, but it will be something to keep on our radar. I don’t think Shanahan would completely BS the Broncos about Siemian, but if he said it during a job interview, we have to take it with some measure of salt.

If the 49ers actually did make a play for Siemian, the price is tough to figure. The Broncos would not have to do a deal with him because a capable backup for Romo is a must. Additionally, Siemian is signed for two more years on his rookie deal, with cap hits of $628,196 and $718,196. The Broncos also have Paxton Lynch on the roster as a potential long-term option. However, he too is on a cheap contract, so Denver would not be in any rush to make a deal.

This is just one of many rumors we are going to hear in the coming weeks. Much of all this comes down to how Tony Romo’s situation shakes out, as well as the rest of the quarterbacks on the market. If Romo does not end up in Denver, this is all a moot point. And even if the 49ers did make a move, the price is likely low enough that it does not guarantee anything more than adding a competitor for the starting position.