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Torrey Smith says goodbye to 49ers fans on Instagram

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The San Francisco 49ers releasing wide receiver Torrey Smith, and while the team has not formally announced it, multiple reports, and Smith himself have made clear that he will be playing for a new team in 2017.

Smith posted on Instagram late Monday afternoon, thanking the 49ers, numerous employees, and the fans for his time in the Bay Area. You can check it out below.

The 49ers have not announced the move yet, but that will likely happen sometime on Tuesday. Pro Football Talk did raise one interesting possibility. Now that word is out that Smith will be available, a team might be willing to give up a late round pick to ensure a chance at landing the wide receiver.

Smith’s contract is a bit pricey for someone whose production was limited the past two years, but in includes no future guarantees. If a team acquired him in a trade, the 49ers would eat the dead money, and his new team would just be on the hook for non-guaranteed base salary. It could be worth a roll of the dice for another team to deal a late pick to guarantee they get him instead of waiting for free agency.

My guess is that does not happen, but you never know what might happen overnight before the 49ers announce Smith’s release.