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Mike Lombardi offers Captain Obvious suggestions to fix the 49ers

The one helpful note was the need for patience.

The San Francisco 49ers enter as important a free agency period as any in recent years. Every offseason is important, but as the 49ers begin their roster overhaul with a ton of cap space under new management, this year feels especially important. And with that comes a need for some measure of patience. The team has cap space and draft picks, and their head coach and GM have six-year contracts. Whether they last the length of their deals or not, they have some time to work with.

The Ringer opened free agency with video previews of all 32 teams. They looked at three or four ways each team could be fixed up. Some teams obviously have fewer issues than others, but the idea was to provide a sort of broader look at things.

The 49ers video includes some interesting comments later on, but most of it is kind of a waste. Lombardi offers up three very obvious solutions. He says the 49ers need to do the following:

1. Find new QBs
2. Find more skill players
3. Repair the defense

Well, gee, that seems pretty helpful. No. 4 should be to score more points and give up fewer points than they did last year.

The real value of the video, if you want to say there is any, comes later on in talking about the 49ers need to be patient. Lombardi used a cliche I had not heard before about how you want to be like a patient carpenter: measure twice and cut once.

It kind of makes sense in the idea of being patient in the approach, rather than aggressively rushing out there and hoping for the best. The 49ers have money to spend and holes to fill, but don’t just spend money for spending’s sake. And given what we’ve seen and heard from John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan, I’m optimistic that will not be the case. They could still spend big money on some notable names, but I think a patient approach is what we saw in a lot of ways.