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NFL free agency rumors: 49ers not interested in QB Mike Glennon

The quarterback market should shake out pretty quick.

Good news if you are not a fan of Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon. Matt Maiocco is reporting the San Francisco 49ers are not interested in the free agent quarterback. This comes two days after Matt Barrows reported the team would be interested in Glennon if they could not swing a deal for Kirk Cousins.

The quarterback market is fairly limited, and Glennon figures to be one of the few winners at the position. With Colin Kaepernick and Brian Hoyer as the only other remotely adequate options, and then a lot of questions remaining for the time being, Glennon could land near the $14M-$15M Charles Robinson was hearing.

The 49ers need a quarterback, in both the “long term franchise cornerstone” sense, and the “they literally have zero quarterbacks on the roster” sense. Kirk Cousins remains on the radar, but if he does not happen, a Brian Hoyer type of signing would be a useful short-term option. I’d take him for less than what it sounds like Mike Glennon will cost.